John Bradley Says Marry Me Was Exactly The Reset He Needed After Game of Thrones


Working on a project as big as The iron Throne is a once in a lifetime experience. The fame that comes with being a part of something this big goes beyond that of the fortune you inherit from the show. People begin to recognize you by your character and remember you by your contribution. Sometimes it has the opposite effect on the career of an actor, who is typed for the same kind of characters. It becomes difficult for them to find another type of role, which was pointed out several times by Peter Dinklage, and which was one of the biggest fears of John Bradley.

Bradley rose to fame after playing Jon Snow (by Kit Harington) best friend Samwell Tarly in Game of Thrones. However, after Thrones ended, it took Bradley nearly two years to land another major role in the romantic comedy Marry Me. He told Yahoo! News, “That’s the first part that really came to me since I left Game of Thrones. I’ve been in Game of Thrones for 10 years and when you play… a specific role with a specific psychology and specific character traits for so long you are desperately looking for something different.

“I didn’t feel like anyone was really going to offer me anything different than this. I had a lot of very similar parts, really, and then one day this script came out for this somewhat clumsy but also quite confident and quite sharp and quite capable musical director, operating at the top of that kind of entertainment pyramid. I just thought it would have given me so much leeway to play so many different aspects of my own personality that I had never played before.

“Because enough people have seen Marry Me now, I feel comfortable playing some of the old favorites again,” Bradley said. “My character in Moonfall, it’s kind of similar to my character in Game of Thrones, I guess, in terms of someone who’s very smart, but someone nobody’s going to listen to, and the frustrations of knowing that you’re right and no one gives you the time of day, I’ve played similar things like this before.

“Since Marry Me…I don’t feel the pressure to necessarily avoid roles similar to what I’ve done before because I feel like I’ve operated in Marry Me in a completely different atmosphere, a completely different environment and a completely different kind of film.”

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