Jeffrey Wright aka The Watcher Might Go Live-Action in Kang Dynasty


Jeffrey Wright voiced the character of ‘The Watcher’ in ‘What If..?’. Everyone has witnessed the fun and thrill of Marvel’s creative and alternate stories in the animated series. One of Marvel’s most fan-favorite characters was “The Watcher.”

Jeffrey Wright, an American actor, gave his voice to this character in the animated series. Jeffrey’s voice added life to this character, and people felt more connected with what “The Watcher” had to say in all episodes of “What If..?”.

Possible cast of Jeffrey Wright in Avengers: Kang Dynasty

Jeffry Wright aka Watcher

There has been a possible rumor that Jeffrey Wright will be cast in the live-action cinematic series of MCU films. The character of ‘Watcher’ will probably be played by him in live action movies.

In the latest episode of ‘What If..?’ season 1, Watcher played a big part in bringing all the characters from different universes together to fight Ultron’s vision.

Marvel fans would surely be waiting for a detailed storyline on how Watcher keeps tabs on the multiverse and its purpose.

Why will he be introduced in Avengers: Kang Dynasty, and why not sooner?

The Observer

Marvel is currently working to bolster Kang’s presence in the MCU. As the Multiverse is of paramount importance in Phases 4, 5, and 6, the Watcher will be needed as a narrator in most of these cases during the Avengers movie of this saga.

Its introduction in Avengers: Kang Dynasty is yet to be confirmed, while it may be expected to give a better introduction to the Observer.

But, Marvel has to think about not dragging out a character’s introductory story in any of the movies to deviate from the original plot. Therefore, Marvel cleverly featured the character in What If..? season 1 to skip some of its introductory elements when launching the character in the MCU.

Therefore, Marvel might decide to bring him to Avengers: Kang Dynasty, where he can help the Avengers. He can provide insight into what Kang variants are up to across the multiverse, or anything else that will help the Avengers win the battle against the famous time traveler.


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