It’s time for another phone revolution


The folds are more like the evolution, the revolution will be the AR glasses and the feedback devices.


This is because the Big Bang has stopped and is in a phase of stability. Like the television revolution, when it reached the status of color, the role of television is quite stable for a long time. Any change in the form factor will sacrifice some functions. Today’s smartphone is in fact a Swiss Army knife now, any change is rather unnecessary. But the foldable phone is a good improvement, it is enough to lower the price to the level of the budget phone.


Nexus One, 16 hours agoLately I’ve just been paying attention to Elon Musk. He’s the real Tony Stark … moreSo when you say visionary, you mean thief.


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Victorkci, 12 hours agoYou don’t know what you are saying. Respect how far telephone technology is. You wouldn’t want … moreYou must meet them at fault on this. Yes, it’s amazing how far technology has come. But the points behind what they say are true.


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Nexus One, 15 hours agoIn 2007 and 2008, it seemed revolutionary for two reasons … – The new iPhone operating system and … moreNot even close. The interface was nothing spectacular at the time. Just like now, they were good at making you believe it was something more than it is. It was a combination of things copied and stolen. Including the name itself.
A flip phone performed better back then, minus the touchscreen.
Windows mobile phones and Symbian phones were going in circles.


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Nexus One, 11 hours agoI don’t really see us jumping into any area except maybe for the battery life that I know OEM.This is the problem. The technology has not reached its peak. It’s just corporate greed and stupid consumer expectations that really help fuel greed.
Wanting pretty thin slabs of glass and putting everything else to shame.

That companies are happy to produce. Do you mean you want a fragile phone that has no room for anything useful? For it to break, you can’t fix it, and can only install small cameras and batteries ??? And we can even use the space as an excuse to remove the card slot and 3.5mm port?
While charging a lot for it and calling it innovation? And are you going to throw your money at me ??? Glorious!


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Look at the phones almost arrived, maybe we need a phone collar now


What we need are durable, repairable devices like the Fairphone. If we can’t do that, we’ll just continue to litter the world with more plastic and electronic waste. We will also be depleting our aluminum, zinc, copper, etc.


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Man what are you talking about I really don’t see the importance of your article. As long as people buy them, they serve their purpose, after all, the main purpose of the phone is communication.


If the current form factors are working well for most of us, why change them.
For example, I’d rather have a much better, longer-lasting battery than having a transparent phone that is useless.
But it’s me.


Tech journalists, or self-proclaimed “professionals” like Unbox Therapy, MKBHD, Mrwhostheboss, make matters worse. They are paid hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to express opinions aligned with those of the companies that sponsor them. These guys are there for themselves, and it’s the “sheep” or the mainstream market that determines the direction we take. When the headphone jack was pulled out there weren’t any major issues, and a few months later these guys gladly recommended that direction. Not to mention the billions of dollars spent on marketing each year to advertise these phones.

What we have since 2014 or 2016 is the opposite of Feature-Creep. We’ve regressed phones to make them worse for consumers and better for businesses. This was achieved by making them more expensive, more disposable, less durable, less repairable, and locked down. It has helped companies like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and BBK Electronics grow bigger and bigger.

Think back to the Samsung Note 4 (Exynos).
It was the best Android phone of 2014. Now if we took the exact phone and improved its specs, would it still be the best phone of 2021? Absoutely!
Therein lies the problem. The only exceptions would be the Sony Xperia mk III.

And for all of you, readers, here is a challenge for YOU:
Name 20 phones from the past 10 years that you personally thought were innovative!

I look forward to reading your responses, and will post my list later to be fair to other reviewers. If not, GSMArena, maybe you can write an article and ask your followers the SAME question.


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I want a phone with satellite connectivity like satellite phones. With only one camera capable of taking pictures like a DSLR with all the lens tricks (ultra wide, wide, telephoto) and I’d like to see a handy phone instead of huge phones. With a good chipset and Ram and some basic stuff.


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The last real game changers were the first HTC Boomsound phones, everyone improved their audio quality but stereo pair front speakers are hard to find now because everyone uses wireless headphones etc. now decent sound is only found on expensive gaming phones.
Phones full of camera modules now, so no room for decent speakers or big batteries.
The app markets existed before the apple, they were just the first to pay apple money every day for life, instead of just once.
Phones should now be real personal PCs, many now have laptop specs, but none perform as well as one, all the time on an Atrix-like device.


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Nexus One, 16 hours agoLately I’ve just been paying attention to Elon Musk. He’s the real Tony Stark … moreRecall of tons of its cars in China.
Soon all other manufacturers are going electric, Tesla will be finished.


Here’s a revolutionary idea: IP68 crash-resistant phones as standard. Basically any phones that last at least twice the warranty period?


For once, I’d love to revisit a Nokia E7 keyboard design approach. I remember writing and playing on mine was good and it kept the screen away from your fingers.


I remember that 20 years ago the most addictive thing to do with our cell phones was to send text messages. This was before cameras started showing up on our phones. Then it became selfies and uploading. The latter is still the most addictive part of our phone use.


Tesla: I come from Apple and Samsung


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> So the first step towards the next big thing is that we want it. We have to realize that the bar form factor as it is has lost momentum and it is time to change, whatever it is.
Not really. The very fact that you want “something” but don’t know what it is is testament to that. Phones are just tools. Phones are already (all) obsolete garbage from factory e-waste distribution devices with a lifespan of only 6 months and that kind of mentality will only make it worse. If anything, this c @ ncerous market must collapse taking the Chinese with them so that we can re-evaluate and rethink that this is the purpose of a phone in the first place and how it can be damaging to society .


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