iPhone 11 can now be emulated in open source QEMU emulator


QEMU is an open source emulator which can now emulate iPhone 11. This iOS emulator is a big deal for many developers who want to test their apps on iOS devices.

Previously, developers had to rely on services like Corelium and Appetize.io to emulate iOS devices. Developers still struggled to get their hands on these emulators as they were hard to find and not available for free.

Users can download QEMU iPhone 11 emulator code directly from the developer’s Github page. You can also check out our article on the best iOS emulators.

QEMU emulating the iPhone 11

iOS is a closed-source operating system, so it’s hard to test apps unless you’ve purchased an iPhone yourself. However, since QEMU is an open-source iOS emulator, developers can now breathe a sigh of relief.

According to developer, it is still very far from being a usable device. The developer is still working on QEMU to support it further than iPhone 11. One of its milestones is to emulate iOS 15 in the future.

QEMU iPhone 11 emulator will still need a macOS system to set it up properly. Users will also be able to install the emulator on a Linux system by following the appropriate steps. Users can also check out the iPhone emulator setup tutorial from the Wiki section of the Github page.


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