IEEE’s Best Programming Languages ​​in 2022: Python (and SQL)


The official publication of the IEEE, IEEE Spectrumhas published its ninth annual ranking of the best programming languages. The results?

Python remains in the lead but is closely followed by C. Indeed, the combined popularity of C and the major C-like languages ​​- C++ and C# – would surpass Python by some margin.

Java also remains popular, as does JavaScript, the latter supported by the ever-increasing complexity of websites and in-browser tools (although it should be noted that in some circles the cool stuff is now deliberately stripped down static sites built with only Simple HTML and CSS).

But among these pillars is the growing popularity of SQL. In fact, it’s at No. 1 in our job rankings, which looks only at metrics of IEEE Job Site and career builder. Having sifted through literally hundreds and hundreds of job postings while compiling these rankings for you, dear reader, I can say that the strength of the SQL signal is not due to the fact that there is many employers looking for just SQL coders, as they do for Java experts or C++ developers. They want a given language more SQL. And many of them want “more SQL….”

Jobs aren’t the only metrics we look at in Spectrum, of course. A complete list of our sources are herebut in a nutshell, we’re looking at nine metrics that we think are good proxies for measuring the languages ​​people program in. Sources include GitHub, Google, Stack Overflow, Twitter, and IEEE Xplorer [their library of technical content]. The raw data is normalized and weighted according to the different rankings offered – for example, the default ranking Spectrum is heavily weighted by IEEE member interests, while Trending gives more weight to forums and media metrics social.
Python is still #1 in their “trend” view of language popularity, but with Java in second place (followed by C, JavaScript, C++ and C# — then SQL). PHP is next – their 8th most trending language, followed by HTML, Go, R and Rust.


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