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Apex Legends Season 12 is set to launch very soon and we have all the details on every known change the update will bring to the game.

With each new season of Apex Legends, players expect a bunch of changes to come and bring excitement to the game.

Apex Legends Season 12 was recently announced, and since it will be launching soon, we thought it would be a good idea to detail all the changes coming in the new update as we know it.

Apex Legends Season 12 Mad Maggie Legend

Like any new season, Apex Legends Season 12 brings a brand new legend to the roster. Mad Maggie will be an offensive-class legend with a kit designed to be fiery and aggressive.

His relationship with Fuse is bound to be explosive, adding new acquaintances and yet another connection between the legends. We’ll have to see how solid his kit will be once the season kicks off. February 8, because Maggie might shake up the meta.

For now, check out our article on all of his abilities.

Olympus changes

new poi on olympus apex legends

Season 12 will also bring some changes to Olympus’ beloved map. Since arriving in Season 7, Olympus hasn’t seen many significant changes. the launch trailer was revealed on January 27, finally giving fans a preview of the crazy update the map will be getting.

It appears that an explosion caused Olympus to teleport and stabilize just above the city it was previously floating above. Players will now be able to see the city below, along with a brand new skybox that appears to be more grounded and in the planet’s atmosphere rather than in the sky.

Additionally, the launch trailer also revealed a new point of interest and that the explosion resulted in the loss of objects and buildings all over the map. You can even see structures and objects from other maps placed on Olympus after that huge phase explosion shown in the trailer.

Legend buffs and nerfs

crypto apex legends

We’ll have a much better understanding of Legend buffs and nerfs when the patch notes are released, and we’ll update this article when the information drops.

That said, we know there are plans for changes to Crypto and Pathfinder. Crypto has been in need of an overhaul for some time and Pathfinder is still missing a custom passive ability, so maybe those are changes we’ll see in the Season 12 patch.

Apex Legends Anniversary

apex legends birthday login rewards

Apex Legends Season 12 will also celebrate the game’s third anniversary, with login rewards for players and a possible event filled with new skins.

Not much is known about the Anniversary Celebration other than login rewards, but be sure to stay up to date with our guide to the event.

New LTM “control”

apex legends control LTM

Players will finally receive a brand new LTM in Season 12 called “Control”. This LTM will see teams of nine players compete for control of three objective points. Although there were no setting indications, we could see a variety of POIs used as maps for this mode.

This mode will be available for the first three weeks of Season 12, but many believe the mode will eventually become permanent, using the three weeks as a playtest.

That’s it for the upcoming changes in Apex Legends Season 12. We’ll update this piece with all the changes when the patch notes are released. For now, be sure to check out the most popular Legends of the current season.

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