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Although just released on Steam, Dinkum has already taken the internet by storm. Labeled as some sort of animal crossing for PC gamers, Dinkum has become one of the greatest life sims out there with the likes of Stardew Valley. The different biomes are a factor that sets this game apart from the status quo.

As players explore the landscape, they will come across various resource-rich biomes not available near home. As such, the game has the addition of vehicles to make traversing more enjoyable. However, for the ambitious few, the game also allows players to teleport between locations of interest.

The problem comes when gamers realize that finding this feature can be a bit tricky. Luckily, the process can be much easier if players know how to follow the steps required to unlock this feature. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how players can unlock and use Dinkum’s teleport feature

Understanding Dinkum’s Teleport Function

A Tele Tower as it appears on the map (Image via The Irregular Corporation)
A Tele Tower as it appears on the map (Image via The Irregular Corporation)

Teleport to Dinkum, players must first repair a tv tower. These pylons look identical to the common orange and white power pylons. Given their common appearance, these towers can be quite easy to miss for players new to the game. One tower can be found near the starting area of ​​the game.

Of course, two turns are needed to begin teleportation preparations. After all, how can players teleport without an accessible point B? These towers are best found by exploring the shores of the map. Once at least one more tower has been located, players can begin repairing and preparing those towers for use.

The next step is to start collecting resources. Players will need to build the shop in order to purchase a metal detector. This item is crucial to repairing the tower as it allows players to detect needed materials below the surface for them to dig up and scoop up with their shovel.

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Players will need the following resources to repair a TV tower in Dinkum:

  • 3 circuit boards
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 CD
  • 8 sons
  • 1 mobile phone

Once players find these resources, they can take them to an inactive Tele Tower site and repair it. Of course, players will need to repair two of these towers in order to actually use this feature. This means that they will need double the resources for their first trip. The durability of metal detectors and shovels degrades over time, so frequent store visits may also be necessary.

Once players have repaired both towers, they will be able to freely use the game’s teleport feature. This system can be extremely useful for players looking for different native resources from biomes outside of the one in the starting area.

Of course, the feature can only be used to reach different towers rather than exact locations. However, this feature still greatly helps the pace of the game and makes it more enjoyable to play in long sessions.

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