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This page is part of IGN’s Valheim Wiki Guide and details everything you need to know about using the Fermenter and Cauldron to brew Bases and Mead Potions, as well as how long you will need to wait for it to brew. ‘mead is fermenting.

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How to make a fermenter and a cauldron

Before you can start fermenting meads and other recipes in Valheim, you’ll need to build a Fermenter, which requires building a Charcoal Oven, Foundry, and Forge, as well as Precious Wood x30. , Bronze x5, and Resin x10 to craft the actual fermenter.

If you’re struggling to get fine wood or bronze, be sure to check out our step-by-step guides below for even more details.

Along with a fermenter, you’ll also need a cauldron to mix all of your potential meads.

To craft the cauldron – a key part that is needed to start the fermentation process – simply use your hammer and select the cauldron from the Build tab. You will need a total of 10 cans to create the recipe.

How to use the fermenter and the cauldron to prepare mead recipes


Once you have made both the fermenter and the cauldron, you can begin to prepare your basic mead recipes, which can be done by placing the ingredients for one of the following recipes in the cauldron.Having trouble finding honey? Let IGN walk you through our step-by-step guide on how to get honey in Valheim.

Meads and barley wine
Last name Location / Crafting recipe The description Appearance code
Tasty mead
  • Fermented mead base: Tasty (x10 Honey, x10 Raspberries, x5 Blueberries) for two days
The nectar of the gods, divine mead. MeadTasty
Minor healing mead
  • Fermentation mead base: minor care (x10 Honey, x5 Blueberries, x5 Raspberries, x1 Dandelion) for two days
Restores health. MeadHealthMineur
Medium healing mead
  • Fermentation mead base: moderate healing (x10 Honey, x4 Bloodbag, x10 Raspberries, x1 Dandelion) for two days
Restores health. MeadHealthAverage
Minor Endurance Mead
  • Fermentation mead base: minor endurance (x10 Honey, x10 Raspberries, x10 Yellow mushroom) for two days
Restores stamina. Mead Endurance Miner
Medium endurance mead
  • Fermentation mead base: medium endurance (x10 Honey, x10 Cloudberry, x10 Yellow mushroom) for two days
Restores stamina. MeadEnduranceMedium
Poison Resistant Mead
  • Fermentation mead base: resistance to poison (x10 honey, x5 thistle, x1 neck tail, x10 charcoal) for two days
Strengthens you against poison. MeadPoisonResist
Frost resistant mead
  • Fermentation mead base: Frost resistance (x10 Honey, x5 Thistle, x2 Bloodbag, x1 Greydwarf eye) for two days
Protects from the cold. MeadFrostResist
Barley wine fire resistant
  • Ferment Barley wine base: Fire resistance (x10 barley, x10 cloudberry) for two days
Strengthens you against fire. BarleyWine

When making your mead in the cauldron, remove it from the pot and place it inside the fermenter.

What is the fermentation timer

Now that you’ve placed your mead in the fermenter, you’re probably wondering how long will it take for the fermentation process to complete?

You will need to let the mead sit in the fermenter for a total of 2 day and night cycles in the game or approximately 1 hour in real time. It is important to note that each batch of mead will produce a total of 6 meads.

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