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Wikis are great for capturing information in a simple, easy-to-read and edit format. Microsoft Teams includes a built-in wiki with every channel added to a team. Here is how to use it.

A wiki, a collaboratively managed online publication, is a type of content management system that can range from a single page to a vast wealth of information like Wikipedia.
Microsoft Teams includes a wiki as one of the default tabs in every channel created.

the "Wiki" tab in a Teams channel.

When you click on the “Wiki” tab for the first time, you will see a largely blank page with “Untitled Page” and “Untitled Section” on it.

An empty wiki page.

Pages and Sections are the building blocks of your Microsoft Teams wiki. You can have as many pages in your wiki as you want, and as many sections in each page as you want. Because wikis are not structured by design, these page and section building blocks allow you to create a structure as simple or as complicated as you need.

You’ll want to give your wiki page a name, which is as easy as clicking “Untitled Page” and changing it to something else.

A renowned wiki page.

You can now start adding sections, which are best seen as headings that separate different blocks of content. Click “Untitled Section” and replace it with a title for your content.

A renowned wiki section.

When you click “Untitled Section” to edit it, a message appears below stating “Your content goes here”.

the "Your content goes here" message.

This is a pointer to show you where the content goes under the section title. We’ll come back to adding content later once we’re done building the structure, so for now we’ll just add some placeholder text.

Placeholder text in a content section.

To add an additional section, hover over the first section and click on the “+” sign that appears at the bottom left.

This will add a new section.

A new section added to the page.

You can add as many sections as you want, with the titles you want. We have added three more sections using the “+” sign.

Three new sections added to the page.

The more content you add, the longer the page will be, so there is a table of contents that you can show and hide. Click on the three parallel lines (also called the hamburger menu) at the top left of the wiki to display your page and the sections it contains.

Clicking on one of the section headers will take you directly to that section. If you want to rearrange the sections, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping them into the menu.

A section being dragged and dropped in the menu.

The section will immediately be renumbered in the menu and moved on the wiki page to where you dragged it.

A section moved automatically after a menu change.

You can also move sections of the wiki by hovering over the section header to display the three dot menu icon and selecting “Move Up” or “Move Down” from the menu.

the "Move up" and "To come down" section menu options.

You can also remove sections by clicking “Remove” from the menu, but be aware that this cannot be undone, so remove a section only if you are sure you no longer need the content.

the "To delete" sections menu option.

When building the structure of your wiki, you will probably want more than one page. To add a page, go to the bottom of the page and section menu and click on “New page”.

the "New page" option.

This will immediately create a new page visible in the menu, ready for you to add a page name and new sections.

A new page in the wiki.

You can add as many pages as you want. Like sections, pages can be moved within the menu by dragging and dropping, or by clicking on the three-dot icon next to the page title and selecting “Move Up” or “Move Down” in the menu.

the "Move up" and "To come down" page menu options.

You can also delete a page by clicking “Delete” in the menu, but be aware that this cannot be undone, so only delete a page if you are sure you no longer need the content.

the "To delete" page menu option.

Once your pages and sections are in place, it’s time to add some content. Click on the wiki under a section and a toolbar with editing options will appear at the top. Depending on your screen size, some of the options will only become visible when you click on the three dots icon next to the toolbar.

The text editing toolbar.

The toolbar contains standard text editing options that should be familiar from Microsoft Word, Google Docs, email, or any other program that allows you to format text.

If you want to comment on a section, you can open a dedicated chat window by hovering over the section header and clicking on the chat icon.

The chat button next to the section header.

This will open a standard Microsoft Teams chat window specifically related to this section.

The chat window.

To send a link to a specific section to someone, hover over the section header, click the three-dot menu icon, and select “Copy Link” from the menu. Only people with access to the team will be able to access the link.

the "Copy link" sections menu option.

You can also send a link to a full page by opening the hamburger menu, clicking the three-dot icon next to the page name, and selecting “Copy Link” from the menu. As with section links, only people with team access will be able to access them.

the "Copy link" page menu option.

You can have multiple wikis in the same channel if you want to separate them. To add another wiki, click on the “+” sign next to the last tab.

the "+" next to the channel tabs.

In the “Add a tab” window that opens, select “Wiki” in the tiles. (It can be in different places in the tile list, depending on whether you’ve added a wiki before.)

The Wiki tile in the "Add a tab" the window.

Give your wiki a name and click “Save”.

The window to name a new wiki.

The new wiki will be added to the tabs.

The new wiki added to the channel tabs.

To rename the original wiki, select the “Wiki” tab, click the arrow next to it and choose “Rename” from the menu.

the "Rename" tab menu option.

Enter a new name for the wiki and click “Save”.

The window for renaming a tab.

The wiki tab will be renamed immediately.

A renamed wiki tab.

The wiki in Microsoft Teams isn’t complicated, but it isn’t meant to be. Instead, Microsoft has created a fairly intuitive wiki experience while still letting you create a complex set of information.


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