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Check how to use Microsoft Teams built-in wiki

If you’re an active Microsoft Teams user, you may have noticed the built-in wiki tabs in the top bar of each Teams channel. This app is often underused or simply deleted, and in a bad way! It can be used for collaboration, conversations, editing, tutorials, etc. Wondering how to use Wiki effectively? In this blog post, we’ll explain what you can do on Wiki. Wiki is one of the default apps that is pinned as a tab on every channel in a team. You can treat it like Word or Notepad. Wiki is a place where you can add, edit and share information. In Wiki, you can create multiple pages and divide them into sections. They are visible in the Collapse Wiki menu in the left sidebar. So what can you use wiki pages and sections for? We will see.

You can use the Wiki tab as a reference point for your team members to further explain the purpose of the team or channel. You can specify the topics to be covered in each channel, the format in which messages should be written, and general team or channel usage guidelines. The wiki is a great place to save all workplace rules. For example, you can create pages that list your company’s remote work policies. This may include working hours, flexibility levels, working hours, meeting days, a list of regular events, employee rights and responsibilities, etc. Additionally, you can create pages that specify rules for using certain tools, a list of allowed apps, rules for team and channel creation, naming guidelines to follow, and more.

How to search the built-in Microsoft Teams wiki

  • Find a link to your team’s SharePoint site. If you already have this link, you can skip this step. Otherwise, the easiest way to find exactly where your wiki data is stored in SharePoint is to get that data from a Microsoft Teams search. Type any phrase from your wiki content into the Microsoft Teams search box and switch to the “Files” tab. You will see files with the .mht extension. Click on any file in the preview window that appears and click “…”. Now select “Open in SharePoint”.
  • Open the “Teams Wiki Data” folder in SharePoint and change your view to “Classic SharePoint”.
  • In the upper right corner of the page, look for the entry “Search this site”. Type “*.mht” (without quotes) and press Enter. You should now see search results with your wiki pages. Copy the URL of this page and use it to create a new web tab in Microsoft Teams.
  • Weft! You can now perform a full-text search on all the wiki content you have. Do not remove *.mht from the query, this will limit the search to wiki pages only. The only big problem with this solution is that you can’t open the results wiki page directly from the search view. You have to manually find the exact page, but you can get a wiki channel name from the link.

Final words: how to use the built-in Microsoft Teams wiki

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