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If you have a favorite weapon or piece of gear in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins, you can upgrade them even further with the materials you find along the way. Here’s how to upgrade your weapons and armor, and even change their special effects.

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How to upgrade weapons and armor

From the main menu you can switch to the Cornelia tab with RB/R1 and select the Smithy. From there, you can choose to upgrade the effects of your gear or dismantle your old, underpowered gear instead. Dismantling old gear is the best way to get materials, so don’t be afraid to open chests if you’re replaying older levels. It’s better to pick up everything you see and take it apart later than to leave anything behind.

Equipment of a higher rarity will also require upgrade materials of that rarity; If you have a purple sword, you will need to disassemble other purple level gear to upgrade it further. If you run out of gear, you can always replay older missions or play online to get extra gear, which you can then break down to upgrade your favorite gear.

How to Upgrade 5 Star Gear

Initially, you won’t be able to upgrade *5 gear (identified by its red color), which is the rarest and least likely to drop. If you want to upgrade your red gear, you must first complete the “Indigo Memories: The Damned” side quest. You will be tasked with killing three Tonberries through the Refrin Wetlands. This will reward you with a sledgehammer, which will allow you to upgrade your high-end gear. Because red gear is so hard to find, be absolutely certain before dismantling it because you can’t undo the action!

How to Modify Equipment Effects

Just like with unlocking gear upgrades for five-star gear, another Smithy Hammer can be earned by completing the “Indigo Memories: The Trapped” side quest. Kill three more Tonberries in Mt. Gulg and you can also change the special effects of your equipment, at the cost of upgrade materials obtained by dismantling old equipment. These effects can range from stat buffs like more Strength or Luck to more Break damage. You can even imbue them with elemental magic to help them against enemies with specific weaknesses!


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