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Pokemon BDSP trading requires you to connect with someone locally or online in real time. Here’s how to trade Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl with friends and random people, two of the many multiplayer features. You’ll need to trade to fill your Pokedex with the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl exclusives.

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How to unlock Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl trading

Local trade is available as soon as you reach your first Pokémon Center in Sandgem Town. Simply go upstairs and talk to the lady in the center to enter the Union Room, where you can then interact with other trainers.

To interact with other online trainers, you need to do the following:

  1. Defeat the Oreburgh Gymnasium Leader
  2. Go to the basement of any Pokémon Center
  3. Talk to the NPC on the far right in the basement
  4. Once you’ve spoken to the far-right NPC in the basement, you can now enter the Union room from any location in the game (except inside buildings and caves). by pressing the Y button on your Nintendo Switch.

How to trade Pokemon’s Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl

Now that you’ve unlocked the ability to communicate online, here’s how to trade Pokemon BDSP.


  1. Press Y outside
  2. Choose “Global Room” for an online business
  3. If you want to be matched with a random person, choose “Yes” – if you want to trade with a friend, decide together on a link code. You must both choose “Yes, with a link code” and enter the same number.
  4. Once in the global room, press Y to display a menu
  5. Choose “Call” then “Redeem”
  6. The other person will need to interact with you to trigger a transaction. Alternatively, you can interact with someone who made the trade call to activate a trade as well.

Community trade piracy

Because it all feels pretty heavy, there’s a community method to trade online with Randomers if you’re looking for Starters, Version Exclusives, or Pokémon that need to be traded to evolve. For example, if you have a Turtwig and want a Chimchar, you must enter the link code 0387-0390 (Turtwig’s national dex number and Chimchar’s national dex number.) See Austin John plays the video explain the method and show the codes. (And be polite and stick around to trade Legendary Pokémon and Evolved Pokémon)

How to trade with friends in Pokemon BDSP

How to chat with friends online:

If you want to trade with a friend online, follow the same instructions listed above, but make sure you both choose “Yes, with a link code” and enter the exact same link code. Yes, you will need to talk to each other to coordinate an exchange together.

If you are local i.e. physically side by side, you can trade before you get the first gym badge. Just head to the nearest Pokémon Center, use the escalator on the left, and enter the Union Room chatting with the nurse behind the central counter.

If you have unlocked the Global Room online, you can follow the same method as an online business by pressing Y to open the multiplayer menu, but choose the local room instead. Choosing Yes will simply throw you into a room with another person who has also entered the local union room at the same time and is nearby. If you want to chat with a friend and there’s no one else around, that’s fine, but if you’re attending an event, it would be safe to enter a link code.

How to join or create a group


You may have noticed the options when entering a Union room to join your party. Creating and joining groups, unfortunately, is not very easy.

  1. Head to Jubilife City
  2. Talk to the green haired man north of the fountain
  3. You can make a group
  4. Once your group is formed, connect with someone in a local union room only
  5. Choose Call then Mix the recordings
  6. Once you have mixed the records, your friend can talk to the same man in Jubilife City to join the group you have formed. Alternatively, you can join the group your friend created instead.

Being in the same group makes it easier to log in without using any code and also allows in-game events, like Swarm Pokemon, to be the same.

Be sure to read How to Play Multiplayer for more details on the other things you can do with friends in Pokemon BDSP.

Trade with Pokemon HOME

Eventually, you will be able to trade between Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Pokemon HOME. Game Freak has announced that this feature will be available in early 2022. See Pokemon HOME and Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl for more information.


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