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This page will detail how to get started with the new “The Contract” DLC for GTA Online. Below is a breakdown of what you need to do to get started, where to go, and what you will be given to do it. “The Contract” is a free DLC update for GTA Online so that all players can experience the new content without any restrictions.

How to start the DLC contract


Since this DLC is a free update for all GTA Online players, all you have to do is accept the phone call you will receive from Lamar the next time you log in. He will tell you about a business proposal, and at the end of the call you will need to go to the Dynasty8 Executive website and purchase one of the 4 available agencies. This is where cash strapped players will need to earn some cash before continuing. Agencies don’t come cheap, with prices ranging from $ 2,010,000 to $ 2,830,000 – and it’s without the extra extras that you can buy for these properties.

The cheapest option is “Little Seoul” for the aforementioned $ 2,010,000, and once you go to the extras page you will be presented with the screen below – various bonuses for decorating your new pad. The first three are just aesthetic, however, if you can afford it, it’s strongly recommended to purchase the options “Armory”, “Accommodation” and “Vehicle workshop”. Although it is not essential to the content that follows, it will be extremely useful to have a spawn point where you can store vehicles and restock weapons and ammo. Unfortunately, this will cost you an additional $ 1,795,000. With the cheapest agency in mind, that would mean you’d be good to go after spending $ 3,805,000.

Head over to your newly purchased agency, now with its own unique icon on the map, and the story will begin. If you would like a full breakdown of the story content and missions that follow, please refer to our walkthrough by clicking on the link below:

Looking for more? Check out our walkthrough for the contract history, a breakdown of all available security contracts, new weapons and vehicles, and coverage of any new music brought in for you to enjoy on your journeys around Los Santos!

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