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Welcome to the official World’s End Club Wiki Guide and Walkthrough on Nintendo Switch. In this section, we are going to show you how to solve one of the most complex puzzles in the game.

At the start of your World’s End Club game, you will find yourself trapped in the Pielope Underwater Theme Park. Much of this section of the game serves as a tutorial to teach players both how to play the game and give you a first story about some of the characters in the Go-Getters Club.


However, towards the end of your journey through the theme park, you’ll come across a puzzle that might put your brain to the test a bit. The puzzle is to lock the door that you have to go through to complete the area. Let’s see what you need to do to solve the puzzle.

The Underwater Theme Park Puzzle

When you come across the password puzzle in the underwater theme park, you will notice that it asks for a six digit code. You are given the first digit and you have to figure out how to complete the other five digits.

You can assume that the game has already given you this number or that you have to travel the world to find it. However, all you need is actually on the password screen.

As you can do in our near-completed solution above, each number has an arrow on it. These arrows tell you exactly which number comes next in the sequence. For example, our first number is five and the arrow points up and to the right. Looking at the numeric keypad we can see that this corresponds to the number nine.

By using these arrows, you will be able to quickly solve the puzzle on your own. That said, our code was 596214. It seems that the code doesn’t change from part to part, so feel free to use our solution if you don’t feel like doing the math yourself.


Does this puzzle reappear?

Please note that this puzzle is never used again. All of the other puzzles in the game have answers that you will learn as the story progresses. Therefore, from now on, it is important to pay attention to all the important details that you get. Be sure to take special note of any key item you get that has a star on it. These will often give you the answers to later puzzles.


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