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Want to play Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands with friends? Look no further, as this page breaks down all the different ways to achieve this. From LAN games to cross-play and split-screen, all your multiplayer needs are covered below.

How to play co-op


A core part of the Borderlands franchise is how much fun it can be to smash your way through enemies with a group of friends. This is true with Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, where it’s just as easy to create your own “Bunkers and Badasses team.” In a first for the Borderlands franchise, there’s full crossplay on all platforms for Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. This means that wherever you or your friends are playing, you can jump in and DnD together!

To play co-op, you’ll need to head to the Social tab in the main menu. There you can access “Roster” which helps to find, manage and connect with your SHiFT friends. It only requires a simple sign-up with an email, username, and password, and can be used on all Borderlands titles for multiplayer.

In the Matchmaking tab of the Social menu, you can find other players close to your player level. You can specify the activity that interests you; campaign playthrough or a Chaos Chamber run for those of you into endgame content.

From the main menu, you can also access the settings button (the gear icon in the top right of your screen), where a drop-down menu appears to change your multiplayer settings; your party privacy, dictating who has access to your game session. You also have a choice here between cooperation and coopetition – where you enable or disable instanced loot (so you can decide whether or not you want to screw your friends out of this new epic gear drop).

After inviting your friends and introducing them to the game, their characters will appear on the home screen next to your player avatar, and you can jump into your game.


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