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This page contains information on how to level up and increase your power in Elden Ring.

When you begin your adventure in the Lands Between, you will soon be told that your character is “Maidenless” and does not have the power to seek the Elden Ring on your own. In order to gain power, you will need to find a young girl of your own to level up.


Where to find Melina the Finger Maiden

It’s not enough to find and rest at the first Grace Site you find to level up, even if you can at least recover your wounds. In truth, you will need to rest at 3 different Grace Sites in the open world to trigger its appearance. Note that this does not include the Grace Sites in the Stranded Graveyard, nor any of the mini-dungeons that are in the Midlands. For a simple path to follow to find three quickly, see below:

  1. As soon as you leave the Stranded Graveyard and the Cave of Knowledge, take the elevator to enter the Limgrave area. Walk straight for a few steps and you’ll find your first grace site at a place known as The First Steps, next to a rather friendly NPC.
  2. Note the streak of light floating in a certain direction from this site and check your map to notice an arrow pointing to your location. Follow the path created by the Grace Sites and head north – but beware of the giant mounted Tree Sentinel that roams the path. Give it a wide berth and head to a small ruined building – the Church of Elleh, to find the second Grace site next to a Nomad Merchant.
  3. Look at the map again to see the arrows pointing north and slightly west, and head down the dirt road from the church through a wooded area where a few soldiers are patrolling. This will lead to a large fortified area full of enemies called the Gate Ruins, at the foot of a large gate. Just north of the Ruins is a large and imposing Stormgate, and at its base is a third Grace Site.

While resting here, you will be visited by Melina. She is a Finger Maiden and can aid the Terni in the search for the Elden Ring, allowing you to trade rune fragments for strength.

How to level up

Once you meet Melina, she can use her power to enhance your character in exchange for runes (what are normally called souls in Dark Souls games). You will be able to choose one of many attributes to increase at a time, which can in turn increase various stats or allow you to equip certain weapons and magic when you reach the required level.


Unlike other FromSoft games, you can now use Melina’s power at any Grace Site where you rest afterward, and you don’t need to return to the Grace Site where you met Finger Maiden.

Remember that runes you wear and collect from defeating enemies are dropped on death and you’ll need to pick them up from where you died after respawning. If you die on the way back, they will disappear forever. However, you can also collect Fringefolk runes which can be consumed to get multiple runes at once, making it a great way to store runes until needed.


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