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The IGN guide on How to level quickly in New World explains which of the main activities gives you a lot of XP very quickly. This guide explains everything you need to know about leveling up with Quests, Town Projects, and Faction Missions.

Fortunately, if you follow this guide, you will be able to use New World’s systems in a highly repeatable process that you can perform multiple times per hour if you save particularly time.


Note that you will want to level up all of your business skills and to maximize your total inventory and storage capacities in order to make this method work as well as it can. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve joined your faction. Speaking of which, here’s everything you need to know about How to Pick a Faction and the faction perks. The rest is explained in more detail below!

Forget about crushing mobs or doing story quests as a way to level up. Doing these things can give you better gear and access to special perks like your first Staff Azoth, respectively, but it’s a bad way to level up.

On a superficial level, you should grind as many City projects and Faction missions as you can. The best part is that you can carry up to 12 City projects and 6 Faction missions at the same time by regulation, which means you can grab a ton of them and complete them in one circuit, then fill them all at once. They also refresh over a very short time, which in practice translates into refreshing those repeatable quests as quickly as you complete them!

Note: You can earn even more XP per action by selecting the XP Gaining Perk in the Rank menu for your territory. You also gain a small amount of Rest XP when logging out inside a Colony, which speeds up your XP gain up to a point on your XP bar.

City projects


City projects are excellent for several reasons! As you and other players complete them, you each contribute to Colony and Fort upgrades, as well as territory-wide upgrades called Lifestyle Upgrades.

Upgrades to the Colony directly upgrade various crafting stations to higher levels, which is important to note because as these crafting stations increase, the level of crafted items you are responsible for delivering in your projects. town (as well as the rewards given in exchange for these items) will also increase.

I repeat: level up all your trading skills and fill your inventory with as wide a variety of raw resources as you can find in the wild! If you want to be fully rewarded as you level up, go out and find settlements that have lower level trading skill stations and complete bulk city projects there.

The trick here is to take each city project available to you at once, then complete each objective on a circuit, come back, put everything back, then take it all off the board and start all over again. When you do this with a full stack of faction missions from the same village, you’ll usually end up going to the same places to clear multiple quests at once.

Simply navigate to your institution’s city project board to get started. You can still find the city project sign next to the war council, land use planning board, and governor’s office.

City project lists depend on whether your local governor activates and starts city projects at the land use planning board, but while they are active they are updated every 30 minutes or so. So, it is possible to complete all 12 city projects on a board in waves and then repeat the process several times per hour if you are able to get each of the materials you need. Some quests in the Town Project require you to go out and hunt something or find something, which is the perfect opportunity to also find the materials you will need for requisition projects (like 300 Green Wood or 40 flint, etc.).


Faction missions

Faction missions are essential for building your rank within your faction and exerting your faction’s influence over a territory. Not only will you earn daily XP bonuses for 3 of these faction missions per day, but they are just as repeatable as city projects and – more importantly – tend to overlap with quest objectives and destinations, which means which makes it easy to do everything at once.

If you want the biggest reward from faction missions, also take the PVP-based faction missions, which are a bit more dangerous than their PVE counterparts, but also take you into the same general areas and are easy to clear – because they are goal-based – as long as you don’t have to fight other players.

Note that while your PVP mode is activated, you get + 10% bonus XP for whatever you do. Warning: if you get killed by another player during a PVP quest, you lose all of your progress in this quest and must start over by speaking to your faction’s local representative in town.

All faction missions can be started from your local faction representative, who has a faction related icon above their head and on the map. You can often find them shouting faction related propaganda at the top of their lungs, so it’s hard to miss them.

Main quests

As you level up and unlock more main quests, you’ll want to complete them as they usually offer a significant payload of XP at the end. Completing these quests can only get you so far, and they come with a “bracket” level requirement – for example, you will need to be level 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, etc. questline. However, completing these quests gives you a huge boost along the way.


Daily Bonuses

When you complete your faction missions, you should make sure that you only complete the 3 Daily Missions needed to get each of your Daily Bonuses, which is where most of your XP will come from when working on Faction Missions. Taking on faction missions can also come in handy if you’re already going to be scouring a specific region for other nearby quests and town projects, but you generally don’t want to spend time chasing faction missions without a larger one. incentive (like other nearby quests or daily bonuses to complete) as they can send you long distances and don’t reward a lot of XP on their own.


You can also earn a lot of XP by taking the materials you have gathered from the wild and breaking them down into their refined components, then crafting items with them. Each of these processes (harvesting, refining, crafting) will grant you XP as you level up each of their associated skills, and those XP bonuses will eventually add up.

XP rested

Finally, you’ll want to make sure you log out inside a colony rather than in the wild, as this is how you accumulate the most rested XP while you’re not playing. Rested XP slowly fills up in your XP bar and offers a 100% bonus to your XP gain once you come back and start earning XP again, which can help you progress in your process. upgrade while you play.


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