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Diablo Immortal includes several player versus player factions that you can join in the Cycle of Strife. All players start out as Adventurers, and only a chosen few can join the Immortals, but many more can join the faction known as The Shadows. Unlike the Adventurers, the Shadows are a more PvP oriented faction, but it takes time to join their ranks. A player can join The Shadows in two ways – The Shadow Lottery or be invited by a current member of The Shadows.

How to Win the Ghost Lottery


Once you reach level 43 or complete the Bilefen questline, you will automatically be approved to participate in the Shadow Lottery – which has 3 drawings only during these specific times on your server:

Before these times, those wishing to become part of the Shadows must enter the Wolf City Tavern in Westmarch (located near the docks and the boat to the Sea of ​​Shassar) and speak to the mysterious boss. You will be informed of the current lottery, as well as the number of people already registered, and you will have to beat the odds against the other registrants, but if you are lucky, you will win an invitation. In our experience, it seems the fewer people apply, the greater the odds, and the window between 6pm and 9pm is short enough to give you the best chance of winning.

After the draw time has passed, you can check your mail in the settings to see if you won or if you need to reapply. It seems that several participants can win per draw, although the exact number is not known.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, return to the Mysterious Boss to embark on a journey to become a member of The Shadows. It’s not as easy as you might think, as you’ll have to undergo several tests, talk to various NPCs, and confirm your commitment to becoming a member of the Shadows.


If you don’t win, be sure to stick around after a coin toss – those who win will soon earn an extra Akeba Seal that allows them to become a shadow, and can ask in chat if anyone wants an extra one !

Complete the Shadow Mettle Tutorial Questline

Once you have been selected as a lottery winner (or given a seal by someone who has won), you will not be granted access immediately. Instead, you’ll have to prove your worth with a series of tests.

It starts with taking a contract with nearby bartender Bailey in the tavern, who will give you a quest to prove your worth by impressing key faction members:

Find the Court of Whispers and impress the Path of Blood guide

Your first part of the test is to enter the Shadow Faction’s lair, which is just past the Mysterious Boss in the tavern.


This secret area is only accessible to Shadows and is a hub where you can undertake various faction quests. One of them is the Path of Blood, and you can learn more about it by talking to the guide named Nuon nearby. She will give you a test by taking on a mini Path of Blood challenge – where you have to face 3 hordes of attacking demons and survive.

Fortunately, the challenge shouldn’t be too difficult as there are no bosses to face and you will have access to health potions. Once the challenge is complete, return to Nuon to earn his respect.

Impress the Vault Master

Head to the other side of the Court of Whispers to meet the Master Vault Raider and learn more about another activity Shadows can participate in – raiding Immortal Vaults.

For this test, you must defeat groups of enemies and loot 25 Essentia and make it out alive. To make matters worse, enemies called Guardians will appear and set off alarms. It can be nearly impossible to remain undetected, so you’ll need to eliminate them as quickly as possible.


The Vault is quite short, so be sure to check every corner and kill every last Stone Guardian to get all the Essentia drops you need, and focus your skills and attacks on any Guardians that come your way. present. Once you collect the required materials, you will impress Master Vault Raider Fyggus and move on to the final challenge.

Win the final challenge

For the final initiation test, you will have to prove your worth as part of the Shadows by defeating three former champions. Cross the Court of Whispers through the meeting room portal and talk to the mysterious boss again to start this final challenge.

It’s a tough encounter – and one you have to do alone. Luckily, all three former champions will delay your attack at the same time, giving you time to focus on each one before the next one joins the fray.

Former Champion Karlin is a Barbarian who wields two axes and will use the Whirlwind ability to do a lot of damage, but moves quite slowly, allowing you to back up and deal damage from afar.


The former Norn Champion will likely join Karlin who loses health and uses a giant ax to land quick blows – but can also shoulder charge to stun you. Stay mobile and watch for his powerful swing which has a very brief starting animation that you can spot and avoid.

Former Champion Rondo will appear soon after and use a large sword to perform powerful jump attacks, but if you’re quick you can get out of the way as soon as you see him getting ready to jump. Use health potions as needed and focus on strafing around them to avoid his triple projectile attack.

If you win, you can finally get Akeba’s Signet Ring (and an extra to give to someone else). Return and give it to the mysterious patron, then touch the large eternal fountain in the middle of the room and become a full member of the shadows, who have sworn to fight the immortals. You will remain a Shadow until the end of the current “Cycle of Strife”, where the higher ranked Dark Shadow Clan rises to become Immortals, and the rest of the Shadows are disbanded and must reform once more.

Alert: Currently, Adventurers cannot stay in a Regular Clan when becoming a Shadow, and will need to either join a Dark Clan or convert their existing Clan. This can kick you out of your current clan, so make sure you want to join that PvP faction before giving the seal to the Mysterious Patron.

Rewards of becoming a shadow


As a member of the Shadows, you can engage in PvP battles with Immortals in the Cycle of Strife, and those who create or join a Dark Clan to compete against other Clans to become the next Immortals. Members of The Shadows go through four stages, from Planning (recruiting more adventurers to become Shadows), Gathering (forming dark clans to compete for top ranks), Showdown (challenging the Immortals in an attempt to overthrow their faction), and Reckoning (any adventurer can become a shadow without the lottery, and shadows are continuously upgraded until they can defeat immortals).

The Shadows are made up of different ranks that will increase your damage and defense by 1% for each rank, and also unlock new activities that the Shadows can participate in daily or weekly. They understand:

  • The Shadow Lottery – Shadows can re-enter the lottery to win more Akeba Seals to give to adventurers.
  • Path of Blood – Complete challenge levels one by one to see how far you can go and increase your rank in the process.
  • Contracts – Accept up to 3 missions per day from the bartender in the tavern to eliminate specific enemies.
  • Chest Raids – Form a party and raid the Chest of Immortals to earn legendary rewards and rank up during the afternoon and evening
  • Battlegrounds – Fight all factions in skirmishes to earn rare rewards at certain times of the day.
  • Assembly – meet other shadows in the assembly hall to form dark clans
  • Rite of Exile – Engage in duels against Immortals or other dark clans during the Showdown stage on Sundays.
  • Shadow War – Compete with other Dark Clans to become the highest ranked clan on your server and earn legendary crests for it.

Be sure to take on the Eyes in the Dark quest to talk to various NPCs in the shadows, learn about all the new features, rewards, and challenges you can take on, and start progressing your shadow rank.

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