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MediaWiki originally was used to create a website based on knowledge of Wikipedia. Media Wiki is open source software written in PHP and anyone can use it without paying a single penny. If you want to create a Wikipedia-like website, Media Wiki is the best option. However, many people are already using the most popular WordPress CMS and there are hundreds of wiki plugins to integrate wiki knowledge functionality. But if you want to integrate your media wiki with WordPress, here are some plugins that will help you.

This plugin will seamlessly integrate with your WordPress website and allow you to pull content directly from a Media Wiki website such as Plugins will remove and reformat content to suit your website.

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Integrate RDP wiki

This plugin is identical to Wiki Embed and also gives the ability to directly extract content from wiki Media sites.

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WelcomeWiki Lite

WelcomeWiki Lite allows users to embed an entire MediaWiki page or a section of a MediaWiki page into their WordPress or non-WordPress site.

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Wiki addition

This plugin allows page or post authors to retrieve content from MediaWiki pages and add it to their pages. It works by scraping content from MediaWiki pages by accessing a special MediaWiki page URL.

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This plugin allows you to write articles using Markdown, DokuWiki, Media Wiki, reStructuredText, textile, HatenaSyntax, BBcode, etc.

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