How to get the Moonpiercer polearm blueprint in Genshin Impact


To obtain the Moonpiercer polearm crafting blueprint in Genshin Impact, players need to find a Sumeru Shop NPC named Aravinay at the Tree of Dreams.

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One of the new weapons introduced in Genshin ImpactThe massive 3.0 update to is the Moonpiercer, a Polearm that can be crafted using the Tale of the Moonlight Forging Blueprint. This weapon is imbued with Stillwood Moonshadow, a passive that functions similarly to “Watch out, it’s super hot!” pepper from Xiangling’s elemental skill Guoba Attack. Additionally, whenever you trigger a Dendro-related elemental reaction in Genshin Impactlike Quicken, Aggravate, or Bloom, a Rebirth Leaf will spawn that players can pick up to boost their ATK for a duration of 12 seconds.


As a Polearm, the Moonpiercer can be equipped by characters like Rosaria, Thoma, Xiangling, and Yun Jin. Of course, the character players choose will vary based on their preferences. Still, Stillwood Moonshadow and the weapon’s Elemental Mastery sub-stat make it a great choice for under-DPS units like Xiangling or Thoma. After spawning the Rebirth Leaf, players can change their primary DPS to pick up the ATK buff and continue their assault.

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As mentioned above, the Moonpiercer Polearm can only be obtained through crafting, and Genshin Impact fans will need the Tale of the Moonlight Forging Blueprint to forge in a forge. To acquire this Tale of the Moonlight diagram, players will need a rare currency similar to a voucher in Genshin Impact, known as Stories of You and the Aranara.

Unlock the Moonpiercer polearm blueprint in Genshin Impact

The stories of you and the Aranara are tagged Quest Items in Genshin Impact and are received as rewards for completing specific quest-related objectives in Sumeru. According to Genshin Impact Wikithe following achievements will grant a single stack of currency from the stories of you and the Aranara:

  • World Quest Completion”The World of Aranara in Aranyaka: Part II – Dream Nursery
  • Defeat the Abyss Reader in the World Quest”Vimana Agama
  • Repair the Varuna Device during the World Quest”Varuna Gatha
  • World Quest Completion”Agnihotra Sutra
  • Save Rana during the World Quest”Aranyaka: Part IV – In the end, the forest will remember

Once Genshin Impact fans completed one of Genshin ImpactWorld Quest goals listed above, they can then follow the steps below as demonstrated by the YouTube content creator In the game:

  1. Complete “Aranyaka: Part II – Dream Nurseryto unlock the Dreamland version of Vanarana.
  2. Players can enter the Dreamland dimension by playing the Vintage Lyre they received in front of the Silapna.
  3. Then they must head west to the Tree of Dreams, where they will encounter Aravinay, an NPC from the Aranaran Shop who sells Sumeru Weapon Diagrams in exchange for Stories of you and the Aranara .

After purchasing the Moonpiercer Polearm Blueprint from Aravinay in Genshin ImpactTravelers can craft the weapon using the following materials:

Source: Genshin Impact Wiki | In the game

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