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Oluso is by far the coolest Amigo in Far cry 6, essentially a supernatural jaguar that can blend in with shadow and darkness and tear your enemies limb by limb. He also loses his ass and Yarans will comment on how mystical he looks when you walk past them. However, to get it, you need to complete the Far Cry 6 Blessings of the Triada quest, however, and we’ll walk you through how to complete it here.

Oluso is the only Amigo in Far Cry 6 to be unlocked by completing a relatively hidden quest. To unlock it, you’ll need to complete the Triada Blessing quest, which can be launched on Isla Santurio, the tutorial island where you start your adventure.

Far Cry 6 Triada Blessings Part 1 Quest Guide

To start this quest, head to Oluwa Cave. We have marked the location on the map below.

Here you’ll find a cave nestled deep in the region’s grand canyon.

how to get oluso in far cry 6, far cry 6 triada blessings

Go inside and cross until you reach a room a note by a white triangle and other marks on the floor.

how to start triada blessings away 6

Open the chests in this room to get the Eternal Dance Wrist Gear, Oluwa Heart Chest Gear, and the Holy Pages of Hidden Stories.

With all of this done, you should now have the Triada Blessings quest and you can start finding all three Triada Relics. We’ve walked you through the location of each below.

Location of the relic of the Triada of Ida

This relic can be found in the Lunatico Caves in Madrugada and is marked on your map with a purple diamond treasure hunt icon.

far cry 6 ida triada relic location

It’s directly south of Fuego Valley in case you need help finding it. When you get to the marker, you should find Triada icons scribbled on the side of a cliff.

how to get the ida triada relic in far cry 6

Open the orange box to get a note which will then start the quest for the Relic of Ida’s Triada.

Use the grapple rope to climb the cliff and follow the white markings on the walls through ziplines and various jumps. You’ll eventually reach a room with Ida’s Triada relic surrounded by purple smoke and a chest next to it.

far cry 6 triada blessings quest guide

Location of the Oku Triada relic

This relic can be found in Valle de Oro, in the abandoned Fort Oro. When you get here you will have to wait until it is after 7:00 p.m. as the mission cannot be completed before that date.

far cry 6 oku triada relic location

When it gets dark, head to Fort Oro. Now you will have to fight your way through its different rooms, complete different puzzles and witness supernatural and spooky events.

In the room with the dining table, smash the only mirror that doesn’t shatter to find a switch to enter a secret security room.

In the security room, you have to press the middle button on the table, then the left one and finally the right one to open another door upstairs.

Go upstairs in Fort Oro and interact with the piano. Dani will play it and reveal another secret room that has a dungeon key on a table.

Pick up the dungeon key, go back down and use it on the locked door in the center of the main hall to access the dungeon. Walk past the armed statues and press the button on a pillar on the left.

far cry 6 triada blessings quest guide

An explosion will occur outside, head to the next room and look above the cannon on the ground to find a grappling hook pointing upwards.

Now use the zipline on the roof to descend into the outside garden, then go up into the well.

Once at the bottom, use a grapple halfway up the well to find a hidden room. Here you will find Oku’s Triada Relic, so pick it up and get out of there.

oku triada relic location

Location of the relic of the Triada by Mimo Abosi

The third and final Relic you’ll need to unlock Oluso in Far Cry 6 can be found in La Joya in the El Este region. The quest start location is again marked on your map with a purple diamond and will take you to McKay Global Drill Site D.

location of the mimo abosi triada relic

After clearing the enemies here, head to the dig site and shoot the orange padlock on the door when you reach it.

Before going any further, exit the dig site and destroy the large orange generator that has a cable leading to the dig site itself.

far cry 6 mimo abosi triada relic

You can now return to the dig site, go through the door, then turn left to get a Fan Room Key Card that fell from the hand of someone who was crushed by a giant boulder.

Go back and continue, swim in the water and reach another room. You cannot take the elevator here or you will die from the poison gas, so look for the door to your left which can be unlocked with the Fan Room key card.

Interact with the machine button here to bring the fans to life and remove the poisonous gas.

how to get a mimo abosi triada relic in far cry 6

Head back into the elevator shaft, grab onto the back of the room, and you’ll find Mimo Abosi’s Tirada Relic waiting for you to be picked up.

far cry 6 mimo abosi triada relic

Triada Blessings Part 2 quest guide – How to get Oluso in Far Cry 6

With all the relics collected around Yara, return to Oluwa Cave on Isla Santario. It’s in the Gran Guerrero Mogotes region of the island, just southeast of Clara’s camp.

The Return of the Relics

Go to the back room where you started the Triada Blessings Part 1 quests and place the artifacts on the triangular symbol marked on the ground.

This will cause a new room to be revealed, which has a treasure chest next to a tree.

how to get Oluso in Far Cry 6

By opening it, you will get the following:

  • Truesight Stealth Supremo: This Supremo weapon allows you to mark enemies in cover. When combined with La Varita, you can shoot enemies through walls.
  • La Varita Resolver Weapon: A rifle that can shoot through walls when Truesight has been activated.

Fight Oluso

As soon as you open the treasure chest, Oluso will be summoned and now you will have to prove your worth by fighting him.

far 6 oluso fight

The main trick here is to keep moving. Whenever you shoot Oluso, he will disappear and reappear elsewhere, most often behind you. Just keep shooting, moving, and healing at him and eventually you’ll come across Oluso.

Once he’s downed, head over to him and revive her with Triangle / Y. You have now befriended Oluwa’s spirit animal, Oluso.

Summon Oluso in Far Cry 6

Now that you have Oluso, you can press the touchpad on PlayStation or the View button on Xbox to open the menu and go to the ‘Amigos’ tab. Scroll down to highlight Oluso, then press X / A to summon them as Amigo.

Far cry 6

That’s all you need to know about how to get Oluso in Far Cry 6. For more tips, tricks, and guides, head over to our wiki or check out more of our in-game coverage below.


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