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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the first game in the franchise to introduce the concept of merit points, a special currency used to redeem items. On this page we will explain how to get merit points, what they are and how they are used in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This guide also describes how lost saddlebags work and how you can retrieve your lost items.

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What are merit points

Merit Points (MP) can be considered a special type of in-game currency in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. These points can be used to purchase items at the trading post in Jubilife Village. MPs can only be obtained by finding Lost Saddlebags scattered across Hisui (described in the next section). Aside from Poke Balls, the items sold at the Trading Post are evolutionary items used to evolve certain Pokémon.

It should be noted that these items are do not found exclusively at the trading post. All of these objects can be found scattered randomly on the ground in space-time distortions. Some of them can also be obtained as rewards for completing Requests, found in Tumblestones, or carried by Pokemon. Check the item list for more information on how to get items.

How to Earn Merit Points – Lost Saddlebags

In short, there is only one way to earn merit points in Pokemon Legends: Arceus – find and return lost satchels. In Legends: Arceus, your character can be knocked out while exploring. This causes you to lose some items and revive you in a nearby camp. Lost items become lost saddlebags. As you explore the wild, you’ll find a Lost Satchel icon on your map. This marks a small area where a lost satchel can be found. Lost Saddlebags are generated by other players who have fallen in their games if you are online, but if your console is not connected to the internet, the game still generates random lost satchels of non-playable characters.

Lost saddlebags look like little brown pockets on the floor. To pick it up, all you have to do is walk up to it and press A. Each time you find a lost satchel, you will be rewarded with merit points. Anywhere for 50 MP and above. The more items the lost satchel contains, the higher the number of MPs you will receive.


Although finding lost saddlebags earns you merit points, you actually have to claim the merit points to receive them. To do this, navigate to the Communications tab and select Lost and Found. Any lost saddlebags you find will have a small yellow notification icon next to them. Click it to receive your thank you gift and claim your MP.

Being online allows your game to connect with other players around the world who are also playing Pokemon Legends: Arceus. These players don’t even need to be on your friends list. Instead, they will be randomly selected by the game as you play. Online, the lost satchels you discover are where other players have been knocked out and lost their items while playing their game. It’s often interesting to see lost satchels found near Pokémon Alpha or at the base of cliffs where they probably fell off a ledge.

How to go online – How to retrieve your items

While you can earn merit points even if you’re offline, it doesn’t seem like the same can be said for getting your lost items. To get YOUR lost items you need to go online and then have another player find your lost satchel in their game.

Once a player has found your Lost Satchel, you can go to the Lost and Found section of the menu and claim your items. This returns all lost items and places them in your storage. You can also select any of your lost saddlebags from the list to see what it contained.

You can make sure your console is connected to the internet through the menu. Press Up on the D-pad to access your items screen. Press ZR/ZL to switch to the Communications tab (the one that looks like a wifi signal}. In this menu you can choose to connect your online game. Select the auto-connect option so you don’t have to manually establish connection each time the game is started.

A Nintendo Switch Online membership is NOT required to connect to the internet this way! All it requires is for your console to be online with an internet connection.


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