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It’s no surprise that Minecraft is often called an exploration game. Everyone spawns in a unique world and fights their way through the best and worst of the game. Some find incredible loot while others fall into the dangerous drip caves. However, one thing that takes exploration and looting to the next level is buried treasure. That is, as long as you know how to find buried treasure in Minecraft. Similar to hacking the open sea with a boat, Minecraft features a treasure map, sunken ships, and rare loot in this side quest.

In fact, buried treasures are the only source for finding the Heart of the Sea, which is used to gain superpower-like abilities. Also, unlike most other things, treasure works the same in both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. But first, you need to learn how to craft a boat in Minecraft before embarking on this side quest. That said, from a shipwreck to the treasure itself, we’ll cover the whole process of finding buried treasure in Minecraft.

Find buried treasure in Minecraft (2022)

Before looting the treasure, we need to find the map that leads to it. And even before that, we have to focus on getting a shipwreck. Don’t get overwhelmed, though, as we’ll go over each step in detail. Due to the uniqueness of Minecraft worlds, some steps may take longer than usual. But you’ll still know all about finding and using buried treasure maps in Minecraft.

What is buried treasure?

Buried Treasure is a loot chest in Minecraft with many rare items. From foods to tools and minerals, it contains several items that can help you survive in the game. If you plan to create a conduit in Minecraft, you will need this chest. It’s the sole source of the Heart of the Sea. Creating a conduit with it will give you Minecraft beacon-like powers but will focus on underwater mobs.

Where to look for a buried treasure map?

Buried treasure is usually found at the bottom of the ocean or buried under the beach. But, you will need a buried treasure map to locate it. You can only find the card in two rare places. the the first is the underwater ruin, who has less than a 50% chance of getting the card. The second location is the shipwrecks, which sometimes contain a map chest. If there is a map chest, there will surely be a treasure map buried in it. For our tutorial, due to the higher spawn rate of Map Chests, we will be focusing on Shipwrecks instead of Underwater Ruins.

Find a wreck

As you can tell from the name, Wrecks are damaged ship-like structures that spawn in the overworld. Unlike villages, shipwrecks are rarely generated structures. You can find them under the ocean, floating on the surface of the ocean and sitting on beaches. Thus, you will have to visit all the ocean biomes in Minecraft until you find a wreck. Looking underwater is the safest bet because that’s where you’ll find it most often. If the wreckage is underwater, it will look like the screenshot below.

Underwater wreck without (L) and with (R) night vision

Yes, some ocean biomes in Minecraft can limit your visibility, so using the night vision potion is a great workaround for finding those underwater structures. As a structure, the wreck is entirely made of wood. Just like a real ship, it can have decks, masts, cabins and even hatches. But most of the time you won’t find a complete ship as a wreck. Most of them are missing either their front, back or other random parts. As mentioned earlier, finding a wreck in any condition is good business in itself. But then you also have to hope that it has a treasure map buried on board.

Find a map chest

In a Minecraft world, a shipwreck can have a maximum of three chests. But only one of them will be a map chest. The card chests are located in the lower part of the wrecks. This means that you will have to break some parts of the wreckage before reaching the chest. If you can’t find a map chest in your shipwreck, you can always return home with amazing loot from a supply chest or treasure chest. There’s no set way to identify a map chest without opening it, but it’s usually the following situation for most wrecks:

Map Chest in Minecraft
Top view of a map chest in a shipwreck

Once you find a Map Chest, you should look for a buried treasure map inside. Every map chest in every edition of the game has it. Other than that, you can usually find paper, pens, and books there. On rare occasions, you’ll also find a regular clock, compass, or map in chests. You can place the buried treasure map in your inventory and exit the shipwreck to start the search.

Map chest in the shipwreck

Understanding the map to find buried treasure in Minecraft

Once you have the buried treasure map, be sure to place it in your active inventory – the lowest line of your inventory. This way, it will be visible throughout the game and easily accessible. Then scroll until your player has it equipped. You can then watch it. If you have ever used cards in the game, it will look somewhat like this.

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

In terms of directions, the top of the map is north and the bottom is south. Meanwhile, the left side is west and the right side is east. A white circular mark will indicate your current location on the map. And finally, the red cross or the X on the map is where the treasure is buried. For this to work, you must first understand the directions and your position in the Minecraft world.

How to use the buried treasure map

1. Check the area you are in on your map and you will understand your location. As you can see, my current location on the following map is South West. It is the opposite of Brand X. So I have to move Northeast to get to the mark.

Locate yourself on the buried treasure map

2. Next we need to check which direction our player is facing. On Minecraft Java Edition, you can quickly press the F3 key to open the information panel. On the left side you will see the direction your player is facing.

If you’re playing the Bedrock Edition, you’ll have to manually try to move in random directions or use sunrise/sunset to determine the correct move. Even in Minecraft, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Direction on the information board in Minecraft

3. Next, once you know the direction you are facing in your Minecraft world, you need to head in the ideal direction. In my case, the buried treasure is present in the northeast direction. So I will move north first and then east once I get close to the mark. If you’re moving in the right direction, your map should look like the screenshot below after moving a certain distance. As well, if you get close enough, you’ll start to see the world forming on the map.

Towards a buried treasure on the Minecraft map

4. Then, after you’ve finished traveling in one direction and being parallel to the X, it’s time to head towards it. Now you need to move in the next direction, which is ideally towards the X. In my case, it is the East direction. If your player indicator has been close to the edge so far, you’ll start to see it move towards the main part of the map. Keep moving until you are just above the X in all directions. The X should completely cover your drive indicator.

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

Dig and loot the buried treasure chest

Now, if you’re lucky, you’ll find the buried treasure just below the “X” mark on the map. But most players have to dig the whole area around the X to find the buried treasure in Minecraft. It is mainly buried on beaches, but sometimes you can also find it under the ocean floor. Usually it is covered with blocks of sand or gravel. It can also have stone on it when spawning in an underwater hill.

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

Upon opening the chest, you will see a ton of loot. The heart of the sea is still in a buried treasure. But you can also find plenty of other items, including armor and baked salmon with iron ingots and emeralds. You can find a full list of possible loot items for both editions of the game on the Minecraft Wiki.

Loot in buried treasure

Find and use the buried treasure map in Minecraft

With the ability to find buried treasure in Minecraft, you can take your ocean quests to a whole new level. And what better way to start one than with one of our best Minecraft island seeds. These seeds spawn you on a survival island, giving you the perfect opportunity to search for buried treasure and go on an adventure at sea. lush could be a cooler alternative. Well, at least until the Guardian comes in Minecraft 1.19 update to make cave exploration riskier.

Coming back to treasure, the hardest part of the process will be finding a wreckage with a map chest. Some players even use particular Minecraft seeds for this exploration side quest. You can ask other community members for such seeds on the Minecraft Discord servers or try one from our list of the best Minecraft seeds. Not to mention, as a lot of treasure exploration is done underwater, so good performance and good visibility is a must in the game. Therefore, we suggest you download and install Optifine in Minecraft to get FPS improved. Treasure hunting in Minecraft is a fun adventure, but it also takes time. So, don’t waste a moment and go explore! And share your experience with us in the comments below!


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