How to create a mapping table (and what it is for)


The mapping table was added to Valheim in the Hearth & Home update. It allows players to record information and share map details with others.

Valheim is a cooperative survival adventure game where players must collect materials, upgrade skills, and explore dangerous lands. Crafting weapons, building camps, defeating bosses, and setting sail are all part of progressing through the game’s wide open world. With adventures like Valheim, Viking culture has become increasingly popular in video games.

In order to move forward in Valheim, players must find and collect a significant amount of resources. Some materials and items are more difficult to obtain than others, but there is a lot that players can build at the start of the game. There are also new building materials and items to craft. Valheimthe recent update of, Home and house. Crafting takes up a large part of the game, so it’s essential that players understand how to build items and what they’re doing.


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A part of ValheimItems from, like the Spinning Wheel, have prerequisites that must be met before building, but the new mapping table can be crafted at the start of the game. Building the table requires a fair amount of resources, but materials can be crafted. found quite easily. Adding the cartography table adds some important features that make the multiplayer aspect of the game even more appealing. The table can store important data from a Valheim dedicated server, and players can share information with other adventurers.

Manufacture and use of the cartography table in Valheim

Valheim - Cartography table

In order to create the mapping table, players will need to collect some common materials. contrary to Valheim‘s Windmill and other endgame items, players only need a level 1 workbench to build the table. It is listed in the Miscellaneous section under the hammer. There are 5 different types of materials needed to make the mapping table:

  • Bone Fragment (x10) – These can be collected in the Black Forest by beating Skeletons.
  • Fine Wood (x10) – Use a bonze ax or better to fell oaks or birches.
  • Leather scraps (x5) – Defeat wild boars to collect this material.
  • Raspberry (x4) – Raspberries grow abundantly in the meadow.
  • Bronze (x2) – Use a forge to combine 1 pewter and 2 coppers.

The mapping table improves the multiplayer experience in Valheim. It has two functions which are used to share information between players. First, the table can record discoveries by taking information from a player’s card and saving it to the table. Using the board to read a card allows players to access details recorded by others. The recorded data includes markers, text and points of interest, which can be very useful for a full exploration.

The Cartography Table, added in the Home and house update, is particularly useful for players who want to follow, share and expand their adventures. The item becomes especially useful later in the game when players can travel further using Valheimthe fastest and largest ship, the Longship. Having the ability to share maps and details with other players with the Mapping Table is a welcome update to venture into Valheim.

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Valheim is available now on PC.

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