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Building an animal farm in Minecraft is a necessity – not only will it provide you with valuable resources and food, but it will also teach you a lot of useful game mechanics along the way. Building a barebones animal farm doesn’t take more than a few minutes, however, creating a high-end Minecraft stable and breeding grounds for various animals could be a week-long project.

If the thought of building a farm in the harsh world of Minecraft sounds daunting, we’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks to get you started. Hopefully you will have a working farm on your server without much hassle.


How to build an animal farm

Animal farms in Minecraft are used to accumulate resources of animal origin. This includes feathers, leather, eggs, wool, and a variety of other useful drops. Most players use farms as an easy way to gather food without having to explore the world at random, freeing up their time for crafting, building, or researching scarce resources.

To build a farm in Minecraft, follow these simple steps:

  • Build an enclosure using fences and gates.
  • Attract an animal to your enclosure using its preferred food source.
  • Close the door and the animal is now part of your farm and is ready for breeding.

Honestly, that’s all there is to it, though there are plenty of ways to customize your farm and improve its efficiency.

While it only takes three steps to build a farm, you’re going to want to spice up your operation in order to thrive in the world of Minecraft. Once you’ve captured a few animals and have a full enclosure, consider tackling some of these upgrades:


  • Have a separate enclosure for each species and make each case a little bigger than what you expect to need. It doesn’t take long for a pen to get overcrowded and having some room to breathe makes it easier to keep your animals.
  • Keep your farm close to you! There is no need to place your farm on the other side of the map or in a location you rarely visit. Ideally, you can keep it in the same seed you spawned – if that’s not possible, at least keep it somewhere you visit frequently.
  • Add crops to your animal farm. Since you probably keep animals on your farm, having a crop field nearby can easily speed up this process. Wheat is the easiest to find and grow, although you could eventually branch out into others like carrots and apples.
  • Keep your farm well lit and secure. There is nothing worse than getting into late night farming, only to fight off hordes of creepers and zombies. In addition to keeping each enclosure surrounded by a fence, consider building a retaining wall around the entire complex and make sure you have torches at regular intervals.
  • Add a stable. Most players like to make them a bit more exciting than typical animal enclosures, and they often end up looking like a miniature house. Not only will this protect your horse from crowds, but it will definitely help add a bit of flair to the bland look of your average farm.

Minecraft Animal Farm Building Ideas

Not sure about the design of your farm? Consider taking a look at some of these amazing builds for inspiration.


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