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Ready to defeat Tiamat, the dangerous six-headed boss of the Flying Fortress? This Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin boss guide details everything you need to know to defeat Tiamat and several handy tips and strategies that will make this fight even easier.


How To Beat Tiamat – Flying Fortress Boss Guide & Tips

Sit down, because this one will be difficult. Tiamat is one of the four demons and has the powers of the wind on her side. She deals a lot of damage, has a lot of long range attacks and she will fight aggressively.

We recommend entering the class with the highest physical attack points or the highest defense points. It would also be beneficial to have a class with you that can cast healing magic like Cure.

Its weakness is its multiple necks, so aim for its many heads when you can. You’ll also critically hit her if you hit her from behind, but she’ll retaliate with her tail if you stick around too long. Whenever you have the opportunity to smack him on the neck, take it. Also use an ability combo to quickly deplete his break gauge.

You will only be able to hit her a few times before you have to move away from her. His reaction times are too fast. Its long necks also have incredible reach, being able to hit you from meters away. Block such attacks. If you don’t have the break gauge to block, try dodging.

Tiamat will have a move called Breath where she will spit energy beams in front of her. This is actually the best time to get close to her and attack, since Breath can’t hit you up close.

Here, Aero-based attacks are good moves to absorb with the Soul Shield. There will be an attack where she will summon wind magic to surround herself and counterattack, so avoid attacking her when this happens. This move is different from Whirlwind, which is a move where she summons mini tornadoes. She will also fly through the air to fire status-affecting attacks like poison, which will deplete your health if you get hit.

When you strip her of half her health and Soul Burst has it, she will…disintegrate. It’s a fake-out, and she’s reforming again. Now the boss is even more difficult. Not only will she use more aggressive and devastating attacks, but she will also regenerate her health.


After losing a lot of her health, she will eventually regenerate it halfway through. Your only hope of defeating her is to completely deplete her burst gauge and soul burst.

To lower Tiamat’s Break Gauge, hit her with Life Bringer to make sure she doesn’t recover too much of her Break Gauge. If you can hit her multiple times in a row with strong combined abilities, her break gauge will quickly drop.

The problem is, Tiamat has so many powerful attacks, and she won’t stop. She will also have new moves. For example, she will fire a beam of energy from her mouth that can instantly knock you down. You can tell when she’s charging when she bends her whole neck to the ground. This move you must avoid at all costs.

Avoid all of Tiamat’s strongest moves, but it’s probably best if you get through most of Tiamat’s other attacks and keep moaning her with your strongest combos. When your health is low, dodge and heal yourself. But be careful, as she will keep trying to hit you with long-range attacks. When you need to heal, just use a potion or don’t charge your healing spell to Curaga. Charging Cure and Cura takes less time and makes you less vulnerable.


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