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Elden Ring features a new Souls-like mechanic that allows you to harness the power of great runes held by the shard-wielding demigods of the Elden Ring and temporarily imbue yourself with new power – but the road getting there can be incredibly confusing. This page explains how to obtain, imbue and activate the Great Runes.

Obtain a large rune


As Terni, your quest will see you journey through the Lands Between to enter the vast Legacy Dungeons where Queen Marika’s offspring hold the domain, the demigods of the Lands Between. Each of these powerful enemies has a Great Rune of the Elden Ring, and it will be up to you to claim them.

Each of the major boss fights at the end of these Legacy Dungeons will end with you finding a Great Rune – but just having it won’t do you any good, as the power within will have diminished and be depleted. of any blessing.

Restore Great Rune to Divine Towers

In order to make the Great Rune work again, you will need to research the Midland Divine Towers. There’s a tower in each of the main regions – and they’re hard to miss, often with a large crumbling road bridge leading to a tower overlooking the seas below.

Each of the God Towers has different methods of accessing them – some are much harder to reach than others. For example, Limgrave’s Divine Tower can be found via a path on the east side of Stormveil Castle as you explore along the main path of the castle – though you’ll have to fight or evade several strong enemies. However, Liurnia’s Divine Tower can only be accessed via a puzzle in the Carain Study Hall at its base, requiring you to undertake a series of side quests to find the appropriate item to advance.

Once you’ve solved the riddle of how to get to the divine tower, you can take the elevator to the top where you’ll find a place to reinvigorate the great rune, and you can use its powers – for a price .


Activate the power of the Great Rune

Simply restoring the power of a Great Rune won’t do anything, although you can now equip one while resting at the Site of Grace, and it will be displayed next to your health, stamina, and stamina bars. PF.

In order to use the power of the Great Rune, you will need to find and use consumables known as Rune Arcs. These items are often held by bodies out of the way or in dangerous locations – but can also rarely drop killing rats anywhere in the midlands.

Using a Runic Bow will ignite the Great Rune and allow you to benefit from its power. Unlike other consumables, this buff will not decrease over time. It will last as long as you live – and dying will require you to use another Runic Bow to activate the power once more. Just beware, as you might want to save Runic Bows for difficult encounters.


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