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This part of IGN’s Mario Strikers: Battle League wiki guide explains how to play multiplayer. There are a ton of options for online, wireless, and local multiplayer in the new Mario Strikers, and we’ll walk you through how to access and get the most out of each mode.


There are several ways to play multiplayer:

  • Quick Battle
  • Cup Battles
  • Strikers’ Club

Each of these modes has a different combination of player numbers and online abilities.

Quick Battle

Quick Battle is the easiest way to get into a Strikers match as quickly as possible. In Quick Battle, there are three different modes where you can team up or in some cases go against your friends.

  • Single bracket
  • local wireless
  • Online game

Single bracket


This mode allows you to play with up to 8 players on the same console at the same time. This means that the only computer-controlled player will be Boom Boom, the goalkeeper. You’ll need eight separate controllers connected to your Switch in order to play this mode, but luckily the game supports single Joy Con play. You cannot use split joy con in this mode – your only options are Pro Controllers and a single Joy Con.

local wireless

This is the other way to play Mario Strikers Battle League locally with 8 people, but you’ll need a lot more gear to do it. Up to two people can play on the same Switch console, with up to four consoles connecting via local wireless.

Online game

In the online game section of Quick Battle, there are three ways to connect with other Battle League players on the Internet.

play anyone


Play Anyone lets you play against anyone on the Internet. You can team up with a friend on the same Switch console to take two players into battle against random opponents online.

Join friends

Join Friends is the option for you if you want to team up with a distant friend in a lobby before jumping online to take on strangers. A friend must create the lobby, while all others can jump into the lobby they create. Just make sure the host appears online in their Switch profile’s friend settings!

Battle Friends

This eliminates strangers from the equation, allowing you to go directly against your friends to prove who is the best on the field. You can take a local friend on the same online system, which could give you the edge in a battle against your faraway friends.

Cup Battles

Cup Battles are the primary way to play Mario Strikers Battle League offline, and you can do so with up to four players. So you can form an entire team to defeat the AI ​​competition in one of the Cup Battle competitions.


Strikers’ Club

Strikers Club is the main online mode in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Here it is encouraged to team up with friends to compete against other clubs around the world. You can play with up to two players on the same system and up to four paired players using multiple systems over the internet. This mode is the best multiplayer experience, as it keeps track of your club’s standings, season stats, and you can even work together to earn cash to customize your stadium. To learn more about this mode, check out our guide on how to start an online club.

Difference Between Automatic and Manual in Mario Strikers Battle League

Every time you start a match in Mario Strikers Battle League, you’ll be asked to choose between Auto and Manual, but the game doesn’t explain the difference between the two very well.

If you choose Automatique, you will instantly switch to the character on your team that controls the ball. So if you’re playing as Mario and you switch it to Bowser, your control will switch to Bowser.

If you choose Manualyou will always have to change the character you control by pressing L or ZL, regardless of who controls the ball.

So what’s better? It depends if you are playing singleplayer or multiplayer. If you’re playing on the same team with friends, we recommend Manual, as it’s very easy to lose track of which character you’re playing with on Auto. If you’re playing alone, Automatic is best because you’ll always have control over where the ball is and where it’s going.


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