How and Where to Get the Erdtree Bow in Elden Ring: Location and Stats Explained



Part of the thrill of Elden Ring is overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds in the face of FromSoftware’s almost sadistic game design. Luckily, you’re usually well rewarded for your efforts, with an awesome new weapon, spell, or piece of armor. The Erdtree Bow is such an item; a fantastic big bow that will complement any Faith build, but one that you are really going to have to work for. Let’s take a look at how to get Erdtree bow in Elden Ring.

How to Get an Erdtree Bow in Elden Ring

First, make sure you have two Stonesword Keys (which can be purchased at the Round Table or found in the open world) and a bow with a description and some matching arrows. Once you are so equipped, we can begin.

  1. Travel to the Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace and unlock the imp statue.

    The Stranded Graveyard of Grace is the very first site encountered in the game, right after the tutorial cave from which your journey began. Use two Stonesword Keys on the imp statue to get past the fog door.

  2. Enter the Tomb of the Fringefolk Hero and take on the tank, dropping off the ledge near the narrow bridge.

    From the fog gate, walk past the toxic section and through Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. Take your time and avoid the Chariot, dive into the alcoves and move forward patiently. Continue around the first bend and keep going until you see the path narrow into a bridge, and drop down one side to find a secret passage.

    hidden ledge
  3. Defeat the imps and disable the flamethrower turret.

    You will immediately be ambushed by two imps, overcome them and keep going until you reach a flamethrower turret guarding a long passage. Temporarily disable him by shooting him with an arrow and continue.

    Flamethrower Turret
  4. Drop two more ledges into the water and take the elevator up.

    Stop once you see a statue (pictured below). There’s a powerful talisman on the deck ahead (Erdtree’s Favor), but you’ll have to deal with two grafted Scions to get it. To get to the Erdtree Bow, however, walk straight from the pictured position and drop onto the ledge below, then drop back down into the water, which thankfully isn’t poisonous. Continue and go up in the elevator.

  5. Defeat the banished knight and take a position where you found him.

    From the elevator, keep moving forward, but beware of the Banished Knight, a powerful enemy for the unprepared. You are now on a platform above the Chariot, overlooking the area from the start. Defeat the Banished Knight, equip a bow and stand on the side of the platform he was guarding.

    Banished Knight
  6. Shoot the ropes attaching the pots to the ceiling, time its fall to destroy the tank

    Now comes the really tricky part. You need to hit the rope connecting one of the large pots to the ceiling with an arrow and time the fall for it to destroy the tank below. You have three attempts before you have to respawn at Grace’s stranded graveyard site and start the whole process over from scratch!

  7. Destroy the tank and receive Erdtree’s Great Bow

    Time your shot correctly and the Chariot will be destroyed. You will be rewarded with the Erdtree Large Bow and 10 Large Arrows.

    Erdtree Greatbow

Erdtree Great Bow Stats

The Erdtree Greatbow is a fantastic weapon, especially if you’re using a Faith version. He uses the Big Arrows as ammunition. Each arrow fired is imbued with holy energy and attunes to your faith. It requires upgrading from Somber Smithing Stones.

Here are the starting stats for the Erdtree Greatbow:

attack power

  • Physics – 60
  • Holy – 65

Statistics scaling

  • Strength – E
  • Dexterity – E
  • Faith – D

Minimum requirements

  • Strength – 20
  • Dex- 14
  • Fai – 14

That’s all you need to know to get the great Erdtree bow in Elden Ring. For more helpful guides, be sure to check out our extensive guides wiki or some of the helpful articles listed below.


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