How about we just call it “The Homophobic Space Telescope”?


Sigh. Clarified fixes as I can’t type or preview properly, mea culpa. :

OTOH, at least they tacitly admit that Christian poetry isn’t epic! (Calliope – probably spelled with a K in the original Greek, so wonder if it’s related to the musical instrument..?)

Although there are so many different and better names possible.

Call it something like Oto jump HLarge Exagonal Ametaphorically astronomical Ewide eyed space telescope (WHALE) or something..

NB. There are some serious stretches when it comes to NASA acronym names.


@ 7. wzrd1: WTF?! Seriously man?

Since the culture and laws of that time do not match modern sensibilities, our first recognized president should be Lincoln, all monuments and other memorials destroyed.
It will get rid of a giant phallus in the National Mall, save a lot of money in other monuments, with the unfortunate effect of having only the penny and the $5.00 note, but which cares about useless things like that?
Since renaming the space telescope is so controversial, just crash it into the moon, just like other controversial memorials have been destroyed. Don’t forget to blow up the Hubble too, he supported similar and worse policies in his time.

None of this stems from just changing the flippin name of something.

No one is saying ignore the story – quite the contrary, let’s take it seriously and acknowledge that it had its metaphorical warts, and then don’t celebrate and glorify those warts.

It’s certainly not the telescope’s fault that the people it was named for could have been pretty horrible people – as Hubble no doubt was. (although the necessary Edwin Hubble homophobia quote wouldn’t surprise me in the least) and yeah, homophobic Webb who was a fanatic before he went to NASA as well as during the McCarthy-style “lavender scare.” (other than you think?) is seriously remotely saying that the scope itself should be destroyed just renamed to honor people who deserve to be honored much more.

Like say Giordano Bruno or Henrietta Swan Leavitt or not people but abstract ideas or myths etc..

So your paragraph is just ridiculously Over The Top Hyperbole which might work as a sarcastic mockery of people who would actually argue something like this, but NOT as a serious opinion from anyone reasonable.

The man took an oath to uphold the laws and the Constitution – as they stood at the time, not as anyone who wants to revise history to read it.

I’m pretty sure the US Constitution says absolutely nothing about LGBTQI people or their prohibition from working. The laws at the time of America’s founding legalized slavery, of course, and other things that we now rightly find abhorrent and we should recognize that those laws were wrong and honor those who are fought to change them and not to support them.

Otherwise, our first president was Lincoln, the others do not exist and never have existed, anything that is not subsequently approved will not have existed either.

It’s a literal non-sequiteur, it just doesn’t follow the premise here at all. It is not the papacy where we have popes turned into anti-popes because authority does not want to recognize them. Incidentally, there are arguments and evidence that at least some POTUS were in fact queer:

Including JFK, Alexander Hamilton and James Buchanan.

To say that people don’t exist or didn’t exist just because they don’t have a space telescope named for them or a status of them is suppressed is just plain literal nonsense.

Because revisionist history is the solution, the old erasure methods have never been so effective and the lessons of history are non-existent.

Salad of incomprehensible and very unappetizing words. Eh? Would you mind rephrasing this in understandable English for clarity?

Of course, we will remember the newest chief revisionist, our former requisitioner and thief, whom Ginni Thomas informed us is the king of kings, the rightful emperor, who has done more for all the marginalized than anyone in the world. history, god-king Emperor Trump.

Also. The same applies. Which? What is the?! Are you referring to it and why?

Because revisionism is such a great idea. I have to give all the revisionists, hiding the assholes of the past their chance to fuck the hell up!

It is not a question of hiding the past, quite the contrary. This is NOT to whitewash it and face the nastier aspects of it and admit that those aspects were indeed wicked, unfair and unacceptable in a modern age where we know best and then NOT honor the worst of those times.

You think that means “screw things up” don’t you? How and why exactly?

These “hide the assholes of the past” are really the ones who want to pretend that history is actually a magnolia-tinged myth and that all the founders were perfect semi-divine beings and ignore the injustices that make them uncomfortable and don’t teach history at least not like real history. or through perspectives that make their idols seem less than idyllic.

Just that someone be nice enough to shoot me first. I do not fancy such a journey through the mirror of revisionist history, for that is the path that will surely follow. It has in all other cultures that have done such things.

So you would literally rather die than face uncomfortable historical realities and see an end to the glorification of the wicked? Seriously?

No, I wouldn’t shoot you. I want you to live and see things change for the better. Just like I want to live and see things change for the better and I think we should all work together to achieve that.

Also which cultures specifically? Your extraordinary evidence for this extraordinary assertion is required under Sagan’s standard.

It’s a shame though, the US used to air out our dirty laundry in plain sight while we cleaned it, now we’ll remove any trace of imperfection.

Uh, you mean like ignoring the homophobic bigotry of a certain historic NASA administrator and keeping his name on a space telescope as an honor anyway?

wzrd1, seriously, you really disappoint me here. I guess you won’t give a fuck, but honestly, I expected a lot more from you than that reveals.


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