House of The Dragon’s Ryan Corr marveled at the scale of the operational sets used in the Game of Thrones prequel


game of thrones prequel Dragon House recently completed production, and according to HBO chief Casey Bloys is the only Game of Thrones spin-off that has been officially greenlit. However, he did not deny the fact that there were other projects at work, stemming from the GOTverse or the Martinverse, whatever you prefer to call it. We already know that being a high priority project, the scale of production, be it set, costume, animation, everything is going to be huge. And the show’s star, Ryan Corr, is very amazed at the scale and cost of the project.

Corr should play Ser Harwin Strong, a knight considered the strongest man in the Seven Kingdoms. Also known as “Breakbones”, Ser Harwin is the eldest son of Master of Laws Lyonel Strong and will one day inherit Harrenhal Castle. In a recent interview with, Corr said: “The sheer size of it was something that amazed me. When you get into operational sets with real jousting tournaments and full-scale castles with cauldrons of fire hanging from the roof, this is a place pretty amazing. It’s like stepping into a live Shakespeare play.

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