HBO to Launch House of The Dragon AR: DracARys App at San Diego Comic-Con 2022


game of thrones prequel Dragon House fast approaching and fans around the world are excited to return to the world of Westeros. However, one thing is certain, fans are most excited about all of the incredible dragons, which have been shown in full glory in the new trailer. The latest teaser has also received a large number of positive reviews, and Game of Thrones stars are truly intrigued by the upcoming prequel. Now you can raise your own little dragon in the next House of The Dragon AR game, DracARYS.

Scheduled to launch at San Diego Comic-Con this year, DracARys will allow the user to enter the world of dragons and even virtually raise their own dragon. The news was shared by the official House of The Dragon Twitter account recently with the caption:

Raise your own virtual dragon and get early access to the House of the Dragon app: #DracARys on #HOTDSDCC.

Coming soon to iOS and Android devices. »

From July 21-24, fans can enjoy the experience at Comic-Con House of The Dragon AR. The app is developed by Niantic Inc, which also created ripples in 2016 with the launch of Pokemon Go. On July 25, the app will roll out with full functions worldwide and it will be available on Apple and Google Play Store from July 20. Comic-con attendees will have an exclusive chance to use the dragon hatching feature much earlier.

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