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Harley Quinn, one of Batman’s iconic foes has entered MultiVersus. It brings with it the chaos and explosion it is meant to bring. It seems Harley just can’t get enough of wreaking havoc on whatever she lands on!

Harley Quinn is an excellent fighter in MultiVersus with lots of explosives and combo potential. If you’re not careful of a Harley Quinn, it can easily knock you out.


Introducing Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is an Assassin archetype in MultiVersus. This means that her moves are fast and she is a combo-oriented character. She has a lot of explosives she can use to combine as well as an explosive that sticks to her opponent and only explodes when she detonates it. This move can be quite annoying to deal with, especially during high percentages that she can just use to kill you when you get kicked off the stage.

Harley Quinn moves list and passive

Harley Quinn’s Passive allows her to apply a Fire Debuff to Opponents after an Opponent has been knocked back a certain number of times when they have a Confetti Debuff on them.

The control scheme used here is Legacy, which is the control scheme we recommend if you’re coming from Smash Bros. According to the control scheme, the list of movements changes minutely. If using the standard controls, neutral ground attack and side ground attack are reversed.

Move Ground Air
Neutral attack To beat!
Charge a mallet blow.
Aerial drummer
Harley charges up and swings her mallet under her. The shot is stronger in the second half of the swing.
side attack clown combo
A kicking and batting combo that ends in an upward motion.
Flying Kicks
A kick combo that ends with Harley bouncing off her enemy.
Attack up Heads up!
Charge an aerial swing. A full charge will hit with a whirlwind before the swing.
Confetti Grenade!
Harley fires her grenade launcher overhead, inflicting a Confetti debuff on enemies.
Down Attack Slide
Charge a slide attack. The load extends the distance of the slide. Press enter again to combo into a forward kick.
boxing ringtone
Charge and fire a boxing glove projectile down.
Special Neutral plush bat
Equip a plush bat bomb. Press special and a direction to throw the bomb and attack it to the fighters. Press Enter again to detonate the bomb: inflict damage and inflict confetti debuff on enemies and refresh air moves on allies. All fighters are pushed back. You can throw multiple bombs before a cooldown.
Same as ground.
special side prank
Harley lunges forward then fires a boxing glove projectile behind her.
Same as ground.
Until special Beat you !
Harley rushes upwards and delivers a powerful baseball bat swing.
Same as ground.
Special down Jerk-In-The-Box
Harley places a jack-in-the-box projectile that explodes when an enemy hits it, knocking it upwards. Allies can activate it by jumping next to the box. Enemies receive a confetti debuff and allies have refreshed airborne options. Cooldown applies.
Same as ground.


Advanced tips

  • Harley is excellent for edge protection. Set up your special jack-in-the-box right next to the level or near the top of the wall to reach the platform to ensure struggling opponents take another hit as they try to recover.
  • Harley’s vertical play is a central part of her killer game plan, so be sure to get her up normally in her Special if you’re fishing to kill high damage opponents. Not only will you add stacks of confetti, which will ignite (or explode) enemies, but you’ll combine some of your most powerful hits.
  • Stick your enemies permanently. His neutral special gives him a projectile that will attach to enemies and explode after a short time. It bounces off the ground when thrown, so you can blow people up or get stuck with the projectile.
  • Use projectiles to force opponents where you want them to be. Plant the jack-in-the-box in high traffic areas to force people around, where you can wait with a normal or up-charged killing blow. If they choose to pass anyway? Well, that’s more damage for you. win/win.
  • Harley really sings when you set up her vertical kills, but even if you can’t, playing her as an area denial character also works well. Use projectiles, dodge enemy attacks and avoid your defeat by hiding and setting up your opponent for ring-out opportunities.

Best Benefits

For Harley, you want to lean on advantages that make her flexible, better at what she does, and make her a better teammate. Harley works great with other characters due to her extensive damage and screen control toolbox, so these perks will make her better at it.

  • Glove Control (Signature Perk)
    • Harley can aim the direction she fires her boxing glove on her normal attack. Since it’s one of his best moves, especially for smash, it’s nice to be able to tilt it left or right to compensate for enemy movement when starting.
  • Make it rain, dog
    • Your team gains projectile speed increased by 20%. Since many of Harley’s best moves are projectiles, it’s ideal to move them forward quickly, so enemies can’t avoid them or see them coming in time to dodge.
  • It’s Flammable, Doc!
    • For three seconds after knocking an enemy back with a projectile, your team can melee that enemy to set them on fire for 1 second. This is a great way to keep dealing damage. Since Harley spends a lot of time doing projectile attacks, teaming up and focusing fire means your enemy will pretty much always be on fire.
  • Ice to beat you
    • Your team’s projectiles inflict 1 ice charge if they knock enemies back. Since Harley’s projectiles repel and are a central part of her game plan, it’s a great way to set yourself up for more of an advantage.
  • Triple jump
    • Handling is great for everyone, and that’s something Harley excels at. Pick it up and outsmart your opponents.

Season 1 Patch Notes – August 15, 2022

+ = Buff
– = Nerve
~ = Change
To note: Attack captions refer to default controls.


  • ~ Stuffie Bat – Shrunk Harley Bomb VFX to better match blast radius
  • + Weight – Increased from 42 to 44.
  • + Passive Assassin: reduction of additional damage taken from 14% to 5%.

We are assessing whether this liability should be removed entirely. We want to take a step towards that by trying not to go too far too fast. We don’t want to create an assassin-dominated meta.

Movelist The description of this change will not be updated until the next patch

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