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Guild Wars 2 has been doing well since 2012 with the new extension, End of the dragons, launched recently. This expansion will take you to the Asian-inspired land of Canthawhich was first introduced in the original Guild Wars game way back in 2006. If you’ve just started the game, you may not be there yet, and that’s okay.

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It’s a great time to jump into Guild Wars 2, but you might be a little overwhelmed with what you’re supposed to do. Luckily, we’re here to help. In this guide, we will review beginner tips when starting Guild Wars 2 for the first time.

Exploration is key

One of the main aspects of Guild Wars 2 is exploration. As you explore the world, you’ll come across dozens of maps that can be “completed.” Essentially, this means you’ve discovered every part of the map. Map completion allows you to get an overview of the terrain, as well as rewards and experience.


If you visit all locations in central Tyria, you will get the ‘Was there. It is done.’ title too.

When you have visited each waypoint, sight, hero challenge, fame heart and point of interest, you will complete the map and receive a reward. This will go towards total completion of your core map of Tyria, which involves each card not included in a Living World expansion or season.

Dungeons are not mandatory

In several popular MMOs, dungeons are an important part of the storyline and gameplay. In Guild Wars 2, there isn’t as much emphasis on dungeons. In reality, you can spend all your time playing the game without ever participating in it.

For this reason, you can choose to play entirely on your own. There are Dungeons, Raids, Fractals, and Group Instances, but these optional game modes aren’t essential.

Overall you can play as you see fit. Want to conquer all the dungeons with a group of friends? Dark! Want to relax and explore the world on your own? It is very good.


There are 80 levels in Guild Wars 2. When you follow the main storyline while exploring Tyria, you will eventually reach level 80. We recommend taking your time getting here, especially if this is your first character.

Every few levels you receive new advantages and rewards, allowing you to get an idea of ​​the class you’re playing, as well as the world around you. Level 80 seems fine, but it is important to take your time when upgrading. This goes for all games, but taking your time really allows you to appreciate your journey.

Once you reach level 80, you can continue to gain experience that goes towards your level of mastery. These are additional perks you can earn, such as crafting legendary weapons, the ability to interact with certain objects, and riding mounts.

You can play for free

The Guild Wars 2 base game is completely free! You can download the game, progress through the main story, explore Tyria, and reach level 80 for free.

If you are invested, you can then buy the three expansions; Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire and End of Dragons. Additionally, you can purchase the Living World seasons that run between each expansion.

It is also important to know that Guild Wars 2 has no subscription fees. Once you’ve paid for the game, you’ll never have to pay a monthly subscription.

play the story

With End of Dragons released, you might be tempted to skip the story. The story of the game is amazing, so we don’t recommend you to do it.

This goes hand in hand with taking your time when leveling up, but if you’re starting the game for the first time, playing through the story is definitely recommended.

As you do, you’ll encounter a variety of unique characters that make appearances throughout the game. Additionally, you’ll learn about the dragons that threaten Tyria.

Some of the stories in Guild Wars 2 span the first game. If you can’t get enough of Guild Wars, be sure to check out the original!

Don’t slack off the gathering

There are three different collection tools; axes, pickaxes and sickles. With these tools, you can collect drink, oreand a variety of vegetable matter.

Gathering might not seem as important as fighting enemies and making history, but it’s very useful, especially if you plan to do some crafting later. You can easily gather the wood, ore and products needed for the works without having to buy them.

On the other hand, gathering tools have limited durability, which can be troublesome if a tool breaks while you’re using it. If you have gems to spare, we recommend investing in an Infinite Gathering Tool when it appears in the Gem Store. These will allow you to gather as you please without worrying about durability.

Craftsmanship takes time

There are nine types of crafting jobs, each producing a variety of items. At higher crafting levels, you will be able to craft rare and unique items, but it takes time. If you craft a little each day and keep gathering while exploring, you can level up your crafting and start crafting higher tier items.

For example, once you reach level 500 as a tailor, you can start crafting ascended armor. It takes time because you will need a lot of different materials. Additionally, there are several crafting components that cannot be made once a day.

Taking your time also applies to crafting a legendary weapon. Legendary crafting is a long process that takes time and dedication. Making a Legendary is a great long term goal to have while playing.

Do your daily

The daily newspapers are tasks that can be accomplished every day. There are general dailies that involve simple tasks such as completing a puzzle or collecting jumps, but there are also specific dailies that involve certain content.

Completing a daily task will earn you a reward, but completing all of your dailies will earn you two gold points and ten achievement points.

These daily tasks are a great way to gather materials and gold.

If you have a daily that involves completing events in this area, you will find several people working together in the area. For example, if you need to host events in Wayfarer Foothills, you’ll see people in chat calling events, as well as Order beacons on the map to guide you.

Using the Wiki command

Finally, we have the wiki command. This is a useful command you can type in the chat bar, which will bring up the wiki page full of useful information.

To do this, type “/wiki” in the chat and you will have all the information you need at your fingertips. The wiki is supported by the developers of Guild Wars 2, so it’s full of correct and up-to-date information.

It might sound simple, but many players don’t realize you can do it, especially since it’s not mentioned in-game.. If you ever guess something, be sure to use the wiki command.

With that, you should know the basics of Guild Wars 2. Now go ahead and start exploring!

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