Godot Engine 4 arrives in beta with many new features


Godot Engine, the powerful free and open source game engine that is becoming more and more popular, has a massive new beta version available for Godot 4. It is the version that many have been waiting for, which brings huge improvements to all its parts but especially on 3D rendering with Vulkan.

Here are some highlights of what’s new in Godot 4:

  • Vulkan by default.
  • OpenGL compatibility for older/low end devices.
  • Many new rendering features such as indirect screen space illumination, volumetric fog, sky shaders, many additions for GPU particles.
  • Future support for Direct3D 12.
  • An improved animation system.
  • AMD FSR 1.0 with FSR 2.1 planned for a future beta release.
  • .NET 6 support mostly done.
  • Font improvements, including right-to-left languages, more configurable overall.
  • Tons of multiplayer support improvements.
  • A significant increase in texture import speed.
  • Support for runtime glTF import.
  • Big improvements to their support for tile sets and tile maps.
  • And the list just keeps growing…

They have teamed up with some Godot users to create videos to show it off which you can see below:

See all the details in the blog post.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.


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