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Hyderabad: Have you ever wished you could watch the fake shows or movies that were in a real show or movie? Designer Lynn Fisher’s Netflix alternative ‘Nestflix’ is therefore the perfect platform for you.

“The platform for your favorite nested movies and shows is here. Fictional films in films? I have them. Fake shows in broadcasts? You bet. Browse a selection of over 500 stories in stories… ”the website encourages you to browse.

For example, “Forrest Gump” fans will see a movie called “Forrest Gump 2: Gump Again” on the website. The film is described as “the long-awaited, surprisingly high-budget sequel to the Oscar-winning film by Tom Hanks.”

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“I guess life is a lot like crab cake. There’s a lot of good stuff in the middle, but it’s surrounded by a lot of shit… ”is a dialogue from the“ sequel ”. Sounds familiar?

If you’ve watched the popular “Lucifer” series on Netflix, you know the episodes where Lieutenant Diablo makes a comedic appearance. If you go to Nestflix, you’ll be able to watch a brand new show about the character. Called ‘Lieutenant Diablo,’ the show’s description reads: “Christie Dancer quits her job at the strip club to join the police force to solve her father’s murder. She teams up with Diablo, owner of the Hades nightclub and man of biblical intuition.

In a tweet announcing the project, Fisher describes it as “just a cosplaying wiki,” which he frankly underestimates, according to a report on “The Verge.” “Nestflix is ​​wonderfully detailed, with a working search feature, cast lists for each project, and information about the actual show or movie the fake shows or movies originally appeared in. It’s perfect for shows like ’30 Rock ‘, which existed primarily to create disposable media blunders like’ Milf Island ‘or’ Leap Dave Williams’, but even older fakes like ‘Angels with Filthy Souls’ from’ Home Alone ‘are popping up The website added.

So what are you waiting for? Log on to Nestflix.fun for your weekly dose of fun!

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