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If you like the martial artist class of Lost Ark but prefer using weapons instead of your fists, then the Glaivier may be your next choice. Similar to other advanced classes, the Glaivier is able to use its melee attacks to both juggle small enemies and deal heavy damage to larger ones with an array of powerful abilities. Here’s our guide on how to play Glaivier.

About the Glavier


Added in the Lost Ark April 2022 update, the Glaivier is an advanced spear-wielding class for the martial artist. Their Flurry stance gives them wide and fast attacks that are great for cutting through large crowds, but they can also switch to a more powerful Focus stance to deal with more threatening single targets.

Using basic abilities and attacks in a stance will gradually fill your Dual Meter; once it’s full, switching to your other stance will give you a substantial stat boost, so the Glaivier works best when switching between stances, refilling your Dual Meter before changing stances to maintain the damage.

Advantages The inconvenients
  • Two stances with low enough cooldowns for many situations
  • Very easy to learn if you are a beginner
  • Lots of knock-ups to keep little monsters stuck
  • Awakening skill can be avoided if your enemies are not crowd controlled
  • Focus stance skills have smaller aoe cones
  • Not Maxing Your Dual Meter Can Cost You DPS

Recommended capacities

Windbreak – Most of Glaivier’s crowd control abilities involve knocking enemies into the air and keeping them there. Windsplitter is unique in that it pulls enemies closer together instead. Because of this, it works great as a combo starter, pulling enemies up close before juggling them through the air with your other abilities. Avoid using skill points on them, though, and instead place them in your other abilities further down your combo.

4 headed dragon – In your Focus stance, the 4-Headed Dragon works great if you have accumulated enough energy in your Dual Meter. With a series of close-range hits, you can refine it further through skill points to allow you to move after launch, so you can further combine it with other abilities in the focus stance. point, such as Thrust of Destruction.

Starfall Leap – Another option, if you switch to Focus with a full meter, is Starfall Pounce. Similar to Windsplitter, you can use it to start a combo; instead of pulling enemies close to you, you’ll dive towards the location you’re targeting and stun nearby enemies. You can then quickly reposition yourself with a dash before unleashing the rest of your focus skills.

Dragonscale Tusk – As a defensive option, you’ll want to get familiar with Dragonscale Defense, especially if you’re playing solo or engaging large groups of enemies. Not only will it negate damage up to 50% of your Max HP, but you will also counterattack the enemy if you can time the shield with an enemy attack. The window for parry is pretty tight, around a second, so be sure to practice against weaker enemies before trying to deflect damage against bosses.

Raging Dragon Strike – While other abilities are focused on starting or sustaining knock-up combos, Raging Dragon Slash works like a combo ender, allowing you to hit in a wide area around you. To get the most out of it, be sure to increase the skill level to 10; this will allow you to take Frost Slash (which stuns enemies and removes recoil) and Awaken (which increases damage and crit rate) effects for maximum damage.

Tips for playing Glaivier in PVE

  • Because you have two stances with their own abilities and cooldowns, it can be tempting to dive headfirst into whatever you see and sustain damage, but keep an eye on your health; remember, you don’t do any damage when you’re dead!
  • When filling your Dual Meter, consider what you need when changing positions; Filling one bar will grant you a slight movement speed buff, but filling all three will grant you speed, damage, and critical damage. If you’re just trying to keep applying sustained damage, filling two will still grant you speed and damage at the cost of critical damage, although you’ll still want to try and fill all three.
  • Before changing positions, be sure to use all the abilities of your current position. This way all of your cooldowns will continue to work even as you work on your other abilities.
  • The majority of your crowd control will consist of knocking enemies into the air and then keeping them there with your other abilities. In public content, you can use it to keep enemy mobs moving, while your teammates burn through them. If you’re playing other CC heavy classes, consider using your Focus stance once they’ve been grouped together to quickly cycle through them.
  • For engravings, consider disrespect and courage; Disrespect will add additional damage if enemies are below a certain health threshold. and Fortitude will reduce damage proportional to the HP you lose. This will allow you to quickly take down enemies that aren’t outright killed by your full combo and keep you in the fight longer, respectively.

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