Germany Says “Hell, No” To EU Proposal To Ban Encryption


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Last month, we noted that there was a new “protect the kids” bill that has been proposed in the EU that would effectively ban encryption, while simultaneously requiring full internet scanning of virtually all activity.

As we noted in our article, it was still early in the process, and now the German government has stepped in to say that this settlement proposal is a terrible idea and would destroy basic human rights. It’s exactly that.

In recent weeks, the German government has repeatedly criticized the bill as an attack on privacy and fundamental rights, with its digital minister Volker Wissing Attention this week that the bill “crosses a line”.

In response, the EU commissioner defending the proposal has tried to insist that the proposal is much narrower than people claim it is, but that is wrong. It’s based on the mistaken assumption that you can magically maintain end-to-end encryption while simultaneously being able to scan email communications for certain content. It is not possible.

I hope that puts a quick end to this proposal, but I’m afraid it won’t come back badly in the next few years.

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