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from the good word department

This week, our first insightful side winner is MathFox with a comment on Truth Social’s problems:

What ‘Truth Social’ shows is how easy it is to create an internet platform. It also shows how difficult it is to create an Internet platform successful.

In second place is Thad with a commentary on Clarence Thomas shooting to knock down NY Times vs. Sullivan:

I wonder why Clarence Thomas would want it to be easier to prosecute people who say damaging things to public figures.

For the editor’s choice on the insightful side, we start with an anonymous comment on our article about Facebook moderation posts that mention abortion pills:

Well, the comments on this are definitely going to be…interesting. So, let’s drop some of the straw men now.

1. This article in no way says that Facebook is not allowed to do this or that it should face criminal or civil penalties for doing so.

2. At no time were posts by Trump supporters automatically removed simply for posting the words “Trump” or “Conservative”

3. It is not hypocritical to disagree with a particular moderation decision while supporting their right to moderate

OK carry on.

Next is That One Guy with a comment on ongoing attacks on digital property and the library model:

“If libraries weren’t already an established part of society, they would never have been allowed to form.

Modern Editors: “Challenge Accepted”.

On the fun side, our first place winner is Beefcake with a comment about the USPTO granting the State of Ohio a trademark on the word “the”:

This article shows that nothing is as final as before.

In second place is naughty autie Responding to an article about Nintendo’s IP bullying that mentioned “using Nintendo as a sort of virtual punching bag”:

Careful, Tim. It’s also Nintendo’s. 😉

For the editor’s pick on the fun side, we have two more reviews from That One Guy. First, this is a response to Google giving in to GOP political spammers and launching a pilot program to remove them from spam filters:

‘Oh no no no you unsubscribed from messages from Giveusyourmoneyandvoteforus(at)politicalparty1this post is from giveusyourmoeandvoteforusy(at)politicalparty2, totally different, so the original opt-out choice doesn’t apply. If you want to unsubscribe from emails from this sender, it will require marking this sender’s messages as junk, and this opt-out will of course not apply to tomorrow’s messages which will come from a totally different group which is have a very similar email address to ours.’

Finally, it’s a little sarcastic about objections to the idea that long copyright terms are necessary to motivate creators:

I don’t really know what you’re talking about, I mean I can’t imagine that I’m the only one who was completely devoid of any interest in creating anything until I learned that my backgrounds grandchildren would be able to act as caretakers for that.

Indeed, it was only after learning that anything I would create, building on what had gone before, would be locked away and kept out of reach of others who might want to continue the cycle of creativity that I’ve had the slightest interest in creating works, so I can safely say that having copyright last for decades after being turned into a heap of ashes was the real spark that fueled my creativity first.

That’s all for this week, folks!


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