FMPONE cache creator just posted a tutorial on Source 2


As Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players tear the competition apart on Cache, FMPONE has worked hard to create maps in Valve’s Source 2 engine. Even though his latest project is for Half-Life Alyx, the mapper decided to share what he learned about the engine via YouTube.

It’s not everyday that fans get a free lesson on Source 2, and it’s even rarer for them to have the chance to learn from an accomplished CSGO mapper. It’s a great opportunity for everyone from budding game designers to everyday fans to get a glimpse of what goes behind the scenes of Valve’s games, new and old.

FMPONE Cache Co-Creator Source 2 Tutorial is a great watch

The hour-long tutorial introduces viewers to the basics of building their first part in Source 2, while FMPONE explains the new modeling system, visibility, and engine lighting. Source veterans will feel right at home when the mapper dives into the engine visibility blockers in just seconds, but newbies might feel a bit lost at first. A quick trip to the Valve Developer wiki and a few times in the FMPONE tutorial, they’ll all be caught up.

The tutorial is welcome. The Source 2 tools included with Alyx are still a mystery, and the tutorial is packed with tips and tricks for anyone interested in the engine. The usual way to learn new technology is through trial and error, but FMPONE’s tutorial speeds that up. While Source 2’s mesh-based modeling is different from Source 1, it’s also much more flexible, allowing players to create shapes and geometry that they couldn’t in the original engine. The meshes are also almost identical to those in 3D modeling programs such as Maya and Blender, which means those already familiar with these tools have a head start.

But even if gamers have no interest in mapping or modeling, the video is still worth a look. Source 2 is very different from the original Source, but it still looks like the original in many ways. Understanding a game behind the scenes ultimately makes a better player.

FMPONE’s Alyx campaign doesn’t have a release date yet, but the Mapper has been posting screenshots of it for months. With spaces echoing the tight quarters of the original game over expansive outdoor spaces, it looks like it’s going to be a whole new experience for gamers. Anyone interested can check out the FMPONE tutorial on YouTube.

While CSGO fans might be disappointed that the Mapper doesn’t create Cache 2 in Valve’s new engine, the designer of Cache has given them a perfect start to doing it on their own.

Where can you download Source 2?

For gamers looking for a way to download Valve’s Source 2 Engine, there is a way. Dota 2’s Workshop Tools and Half-Life Alyx Addon Tools will offer players a version of the Source 2 engine. The Alyx version requires players to buy and purchase the game first, while the version of Dota 2 is completely free.


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