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There are many programs that we can use to write a novel. From a basic editor to specialized software that categorizes and groups concepts, we are talking about a category that is very rich in options.

Today I’m introducing you to First Draft Pro, an option that lets us trace the story using smart outline tools, and then we can use the outline as a guide to keep the writing on track.

We can drag and drop chapters and scenes onto the map, and watch the whole book rearrange itself automatically. It’s designed to write long stories, eliminating distractions and allowing easy tracking of the notes we take.

This point is important, because at all times we must correctly record people’s ages, descriptions and details that make a difference. Inconsistency along these lines is deadly.

Notes can be sorted into folders, and we can also use comments to record any ideas before developing them and integrating them into the story.

Notes can be linked like a wiki, so reference material is always at hand.

The program, which is subscription-based, lets you have a co-author or work with an editor to polish content. This is the main difference with other similar tools, the ability to collaborate in real time with story creation functions.

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