Fans will see Odin as the conqueror of worlds in What If…? Season 2


What if…? Odin-All Father is the villain of the MCU? Who has the strength to stand against him in this entire universe?

Even Thanos feared Odin! So isn’t it interesting to think about who will stop Odin from being a rogue?

‘What if…? Season 2’ likely puts that plot into action. And it will be the most anticipated episode of the second season.

People might assume that Thor will face Odin in this battle and try to stop him from continuing his ruthless conquest.

Odin – The conqueror of the worlds


The planned storyline, according to leaks and resources, is to run the episode with the title, “What if Odin had never stopped conquering worlds? »

We all know that Odin-All Father used to conquer worlds with his evil daughter, Hela- Goddess of Death. In the original MCU, Odin stopped at some point to establish peace between the kingdoms and be an emperor and protector for them.

But, in an alternate reality, what if Odin never stopped? What would have been the fate of all the heroes, including Thor, if the most powerful god had gone rogue?

The plot of this episode will break the charts and be loved by the audience.

According to Resources, two guys seen in the leaked teaser fighting Odin were Xu Wenwu (the Mandarin) and Ying-Li (his wife).

Now, this might be strange for you to believe, but you’ll probably see these characters fighting Odin, regardless of the idea of ​​how they’re going to match Odin’s power.

What is Marvel planning to tease with this episode?


Marvel could tease the origin of the Ten Rings in this episode or shed some light on something more amazing.

We can expect Thor and Hela to also appear in this episode to team up and stop their father from fulfilling his evil ambitions on Earth and in the universe.

Kudos to Marvel for bringing such mind-blowing storylines to fans!


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