Exploring Helen Cho and Amadeus Cho in the MCU


Do you remember Helen Cho in Avengers: Age of Ultron? Although she only appeared once in the MCU, she had a huge impact. On the other hand, his son Amadeus Cho has not been introduced to the MCU. He was an extremely important character in the comics. So here’s everything you need to know about Helen and Amadeus Cho.

Helen Cho’s brief appearance in the MCU

Helen Cho in the MCU

She is a brilliant geneticist at the top of her field and has created a machine known as the Cradle of Regeneration. She was approached by S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers to treat Clint Barton when he was injured during a mission against HYDRA. The Regeneration Cradle can synthesize skin cells and healed Barton’s wound within minutes in the MCU. She was then kidnapped and controlled by Ultron using the scepter. He wanted her to help him build a synthetic body into which he could transfer his consciousness. Cho managed to create the human body Ultron wanted using Vibranium stolen from Ulysses Klaw. However, before she could successfully download Ultron’s AI into the body, Wanda broke the hypnosis and stopped the download just in time. She was essential to the creation of Vision. Eventually, she worked with Erik Selvig in SHIELD to help superheroes.

Who is Amadeus Cho?

Amedee Cho

Amadeus Cho is the son of Helen Cho. Much like his extremely intelligent mother, Amadeus was also a genius from childhood. Naturally, his mother supported his efforts and encouraged his intellectual pursuits. He once won a game show that was a quiz to find awesome kids. It was a very proud moment and he easily won the quiz and received the prize money. However, the real reason behind the quiz was that the host actually wanted to eliminate other geniuses who posed a threat to his intellect. The host, Pythagoras, even claimed that Amadeus was the 7th smartest man in the world. This obviously put a target on his back and led to an attack on his house. Helen Cho and her husband died in the ensuing explosion as Amadeus Cho fled.

Amadeus Cho and Hulk

world war hulk

The Hulk would be the perfect catalyst to introduce Amadeus Cho to the MCU. When Amadeus was on the run, Bruce Banner, another genius, protected him. More importantly, he was part of the World War Hulk storyline. A few SHIELD agents were looking for Cho as he was an unregistered superhuman. It is then that he discovers the Hulk’s secret base in New Mexico. It definitely looks like the lab we saw in She-Hulk in the MCU. When he broke into the Baxter Building, he eventually discovered that the Illuminati had exiled Bruce Banner from Earth. Naturally, he went in search of his friend and ally Hulk. Eventually, the Hulk returned from Sakaar to seek revenge against the Illuminati.

Amadeus Cho also helped She-Hulk regain her powers after Tony Stark’s technology stripped her of them. It also gives MCU the ability to introduce Amadeus Cho through She-Hulk. To aid the Hulk in his mission against the Illuminati, Amadeus even assembled a group of supers.

Bruce Banner vs. Amadeus Cho

Marvel is also planning a project related to the gods of Olympus and Hercules. Cho had several run-ins with them and even fought alongside Hercules.

Totally Awesome Hulk

Amadeus Cho becomes Totally Awesome Hulk

In Marvel Comics, during a precarious situation, Amadeus Cho must absorb excess radiation energy from the Hulk to keep him from melting. In this way, Amadeus became a new version of Hulk. That’s another interesting story for the MCU to explore. Amadeus had a lot of trouble containing his rage. He mostly lost all self-control when his dear friend Bruce Banner was killed by Hawkeye during the Second Superhero Civil War. Due to his out of control explosion, he exiled himself in a small satellite in space. Suddenly, his exile was interrupted by a distress call from the planet Sakaar. It fits right into the current storyline of the MCU as they explore Sakaar and Hulk’s past on the planet. They could also use this opportunity to show the audience exactly what it’s like to have another character in your head.


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