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A week later, Lyco was tasked with collecting and revising old dissertations from the archive; however, many of the reports were not intended for public release or review. He became far too curious, choosing to copy the data from the archives for himself. Reading the reports, it was obvious that the data they contained was intentionally kept secret due to the nature of the information. Some of these reports included: outsourced military equipment, plans for East German listening posts during the Cold War, and technical data and equipment from the defense industry from 1963. At the time, Lycoris was not aware of the vast trove of classified data he had uncovered. These reports weren’t just old academic papers; rather, information gathered from First Relic Investigation Task Forcealso known as 90Wunsch.

In February, Lyco knew he had stumbled upon something much bigger than himself. While much of the data in the document appeared to be gibberish or redacted, his curiosity got the better of him. Surely there was something of considerable importance given the classified nature of such material. Over the next few months, he continued to try to figure out the data with little success. However, the information he thought was corrupt or gibberish was not. It made sense, but he didn’t have the understanding to decipher the data. For his next semester, he enrolled in several courses on information, encryption, and electronic signal processing in hopes of better understanding files. And on October 6, 2042, he finally decoded the data.


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