Explained: What is Gati Shakti’s master plan that Prime Minister Modi announced on Independence Day?


India’s 75th Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the Center will launch the “PM Gati Shakti Master Plan”, a Rs. 100 lakh-crore project for the development of “holistic infrastructure”.

What is Gati Shakti’s master plan?

In his speech, PM Modi identified the project as a source of employment opportunities for young people in the future.

“In the coming days, we will launch the PM Gati Shakti Plan, a 100 lakh crore national infrastructure master plan that will lay the foundation for holistic infrastructure and provide an integrated path for our economy,” Prime Minister Modi said. .

What are the priority axes of the project?

Prime Minister Modi said the Gati Shakti plan will help raise the global profile of local manufacturers and help them compete with their counterparts around the world. It also opens up possibilities for new future economic zones.

The prime minister also said India needs to increase both manufacturing and exports. Every product sold to the world from India is linked to India which is why I say each of your products is a brand ambassador for India, he said.

More details and the launch date of the project are awaited. Other important announcements include the launch of the National Hydrogen Mission and the opening of Sainik schools for girls.

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