Every MCU Character With Mental Illnesses


MCU has many heroes and villains with mental illnesses. They don’t exactly handle these characters very well. In fact, for some of them, the MCU hasn’t explored their mental health issues at all. So here’s a list of every MCU character with mental illnesses, and some of them might surprise you.

1. Bruce Banner has DID in Marvel comics

Mental Health of Bruce Banner

While this one is pretty obvious, many fans don’t know Bruce Banner’s real history in the Marvel comics. Bruce had a physically abusive father. His father also killed his mother right in front of him. In addition, Bruce was a lonely child and was often bullied. This led to Bruce having an imaginary friend called the Hulk. Thus, the Hulk is actually a manifestation of Bruce’s childhood trauma, and his angry outbursts are also fueled by his past.

2. Thena suffers from Mahd Wy’ry in the MCU

Thena Vulnerability

Mahd Wy’ry is a form of dementia that Eternal Thena suffered from. It’s been pretty well explored in the MCU. However, the real reason was that the memories of his previous life were coming back. This caused him to panic and attack his allies. Gilgamesh decided to go with her and be her support system.

3. Thor had bouts of depression in the MCU

Thor in Endgame

We’ve all seen Thor’s downfall in the MCU during Endgame. But what people don’t realize is that he was probably suffering from depression. His hopelessness, drug addiction, and pessimism are all signs of depression. He has also gained a lot of weight which is another very common symptom as people often try to find happiness in food. Also, it’s quite natural for him to be depressed after nearly losing his entire family, many friends, and feeling useless for not being able to save the world.

4. Norman Osborn and his alter ego

Norman Osborn

Another character with dissociative identity disorder is Spider-Man’s nemesis Norman Osborn. His evil alter ego the Green Goblin held him captive and drove him to the dark side on several occasions. In the MCU during No Way Home, Osborn tries to get help and really wants to improve. It gives us a better perspective on his struggles and unfortunate situation. He’s not quite a villain after all.

5. Wanda and her psychotic breakdowns

Scarlet Witch creates the hexagon

Wanda is most likely suffering from severe PTSD due to the various traumatic events of her childhood, including the bombing of her town and the death of her parents. She suffered unimaginable loss and grief. This led her to have many psychotic breakdowns. It’s not just a one-time incident during his rampage in Multiverse of Madness. This has been a recurring theme in all of the MCU movies. WandaVision definitely explores this trauma and grief.

6. Iron Man suffers from PTSD

Iron Man suffers from PTSD

From Afghanistan to New York, Iron Man has been in some of the most dangerous situations. After seeing everything he has, he is linked with PTSD. In addition, it also meets all the other criteria for this disorder. Memories of these events cloud his dreams and thoughts. They’re a major reason for his severe insomnia and recurring anxiety attacks in the MCU.

7. Moon Knight also has DID

The moon knight has DID

Initially, the comics wrote that Moon Knight suffered from schizophrenia. However, later he was correctly diagnosed as having dissociative identity disorder. Steven Grant has an alter ego of mercenary Marc Specter. Or it could also be the other way around. Grant has no recollection or recollection of the events when Marc Specter takes over.

8. Rocket Racoon might have borderline personality disorder

Rocket in GOTG Vol. 2

Borderline personality disorder stems from childhood trauma, something Rocket has seen a lot. In fact, it has one of the saddest origins. It was experimented on and then left by its creators to deal with the “crazy”. He was abused, overwhelmed and most likely eventually broken. Rocket exhibits some classic BPD traits such as his fear of abandonment and his mood swings.

9. Bucky Barnes suffers from PTSD

Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier

This shouldn’t be a surprise at all. Bucky was brainwashed and used as a human weapon for many decades. He was an assassin and took countless lives. It still weighs on his psyche and he lives with the heartbreaking memories of his past actions.

10. Deadpool is extremely unstable

dead Pool

This is one of the main side effects of its regenerative healing factor. They make him extremely mentally unstable and cause psychosis. This is because his neurons are also affected by his accelerated healing.


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