Europa Universalis 4: Console commands


EU4 has a very powerful console that lets you do a ton of fun things when you’re fed up with playing normally.

Europa Universalis 4 Mare Nostrum Art

No one will tell you that Europa Universalis 4 is an easy game – on the contrary, it has a reputation for having one of the steepest learning curves in the game. That said, it is an incredibly addicting and fascinating game. to play once you understand the basics.

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Even with that established, the game can be ruthless, and sometimes it can be very satisfying to use a little extra help to resolve the situation, and that’s where the console comes in. With that, you can counteract. bad luck, cheat your way to success, or even sit back and leave a fully AI world to its devices.


How to open the console

Europa Universalis 4 console

The console is only accessible in non-ironman games without the aid of a mod or cheat engine. This means that you can only use the console in normal games where you cannot earn achievements. It wouldn’t make sense otherwise, would it?

The method of opening the console will depend on your operating system and keyboard. Here are the options that may work for you:

  • ~
  • Shift + 2
  • Shift + 3
  • Alt + 1 + 2
  • ^
  • §

You’ll know the console is on and has opened when it appears in the top left of your screen, under your country flag. Here you can enter console commands.

Console commands

The following is a list of particularly useful console commands. A more complete list can be found on the Paradox wiki here.

Order Effect
cash Gives you 5,000 ducats. Enter a number after the command to change the amount.
dip / adm / mil Gives you 999 diplomatic points, administrative points or military points. These are three separate commands.
labor / seafarers Gives you 5,000 men or sailors. These are two separate commands.
fow Turn off the Fog of War, showing you everything that’s going on in other countries.
ti Disables terra incognita, revealing the entire map to you at once.
Yes man Forces AI to always accept your requests, such as alliance offers, personal union offers, and royal weddings.
absolutism With a number, add that absolutism to your country.
add_cardinal Add a cardinal of your nationality – useful only for Catholic nations.
add_missionnaire Add a missionary to your country.
add_heir Immediately gives you a new heir. If you already have an heir, it will be replaced.
debug_nogui Disable the UI – be aware that this includes the console and you will have to reenter the command without seeing it to re-enable the UI. Good for screenshots.
God Activate divine mode, which means your soldiers cannot be killed and battles are automatically won.
fortunate This will activate the “lucky” modifier for your current country.
label [Country Tag] Switches the country you control to another. The country must currently exist – a list of valid country tags can be found here.
bear This will spawn the nation of Jan Mayen somewhere in the world. It’s a fun, yet incredibly overpowered nation that can seriously affect the balance of the game.

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