Emilia Clarke confirms Kit Harington’s involvement in Game of Thrones spin-off Jon Snow


game of thrones prequel Dragon House is one of the most anticipated shows of 2022 and is currently a high priority project at HBO. However, the prequel show, based on the Targaryen Civil War known as dragon dance, wasn’t the only idea being developed. There were several more, some of them scrapped, while there are others in various stages of development. However, the one recently in the spotlight is a Jon Snow spin-off that will star Kit Harington.

Ever since the news broke, fans have been wondering if it’s true, as it sounds too good to be true. The Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke aka Daenerys Targaryen, has stepped forward to dispel any doubts regarding the rumors and confirmed that this information is indeed accurate.

Clarke spoke to BBC News recently, ahead of her stage appearance in Anton Chekhov’s classic The Seagull, and revealed what she knows:

“He [Kit Harington] told me about it. And I know it exists. That happens.

She continued, “As far as I know, it was created by Kit, so he’s been in it from the start. So what you will hopefully watch if it happens is certified by Kit Harington.

This interview further confirms Kit’s involvement, and that he is really working on such a project. Do you think it’s a good idea to go ahead with a Jon Snow spin-off without source material? Tell us in the comments below!


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