Elden Ring Lanya location and how to complete the Diallos quest


The Elden Ring Lanya quest is one of the most involved NPC questlines, and thanks to update 1.03, it finally has a proper ending – just not for Lanya.

It will take you to dangerous places, but a significant part of Elden Ring lore is locked behind the quest, as well as a new option for invasions in online play.

Where is Lanya in Elden Ring?

Diallos, one of the round table tarnishes, mentions that he is looking for his servant Lanya when you first talk to him. There’s no indication of where she might be, but he asks you to let him know if you find her. He eventually disappears from the Fort – perhaps after reaching Liurnia of the Lakes for the first time – but it seems like you can still progress on this quest even if you haven’t spoken to him first.

Lanya is in Liurnia, or more precisely, her body is. You will find his corpse to the north and slightly west of the Grace Academy Gate Town site. Diallos’ laments reach your ears before the scene appears, so you know you’re on the right track if you start seeing them onscreen.

He mentions a house of despicable demons, but there’s not much else you can do here. The house in question is Volcano Manor on Mount Gelmir. You need to activate the Dectus Lift with two halves of the Dectus Medallion before you can even reach Mount Gelmir, and that takes time.

Where are the Dectus medallion halves in Elden Ring?

We’ve covered the medallion locations in more detail, but here’s a short version.

The first half takes place in Fort Haight in the Limgrave, south of the well that leads to the Siofria River. The second is in a much deadlier area: Fort Faroth in Caelid. It’s south of the Bestial Shrine, near the giant dragon that grants you 70,000 runes if you defeat it. The problem is that it’s full of bats and murderous harpies that can grab your head and kill you instantly. You’ll want to avoid engaging them in a fight, run and find the ladder at the other end of the room. Climb on it and you will find the chest.

The elevator takes you to the Altus plateau and Volcano Manor is to the west, through Seethwater (go north from the Wyndham ruins) and past Demi-Human Queen Maggie and Comet Azur. Once there, you will have a series of other quests to potentially resume. Completing Lanya’s quest involves visiting the mansion and gaining access to the lounge. Diallos changes his mind and decides to join the Manor and fight.

If you take the letter from the living room, you can challenge the old knight Istvan to a duel. Defeating him nets you the Scarlet Armor set and, back at the mansion, the Magma Shot Sorcery. The next quest tasks you with taking down another Terni, and after that Diallos begins to question his loyalty. Once you complete the Volcano Manor quest or defeat Rykard, Diallos leaves and his quest gets mixed up with Jar Bairn’s quest.

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