Elden Ring had a pair of underwear armor that was cut from the game


Skinny armor in video games is nothing new – MMO Lost Ark is actually changing its revealing wardrobe in response to controversy. This isn’t new to FromSoftware either. The most bare-bones class in every Soulsborne game, literally and figuratively, starts the game in a loincloth, including Elden Ring’s Wretch.

The Deathbed Smalls, however, are something else entirely. This lingerie-like piece of armor is literally Fia, the Deathbed Companion’s undergarment. It’s no surprise that he has low stats, at least according to his Fextralife wiki entry. While reading this you will also learn that the Deathbed Smalls are not available in the main game, as they were cut at some point in development.

Of course, that doesn’t stop PC gamers from getting them – they still exist in the game’s code. attackoffanboy explains that using Cheat Engine and the pincode 1930300 will add the underwear to your inventory. Note that if you want to do this yourself, you will need to play the game offline. Cheat Engine, even if only used for cosmetic purposes, still cheats. Elden Ring players may be split on the use of Easy Anti-Cheat in-game, but it’s still very much in place.

In the meantime, there are plenty of legitimate armor sets to obtain in Elden Ring. We can show you where to find Alberich’s armor, how to get Malformed Dragon armor, and more.


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